Cosers Confess: I Won When I Shouldn’t Have

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Dear The Magic Rain,

I won second prize in a small cosplay competition… while wearing goth fashion (which isn’t a cosplay). I feel that it is unfair to the other cosplayers that a non-cosplayer won. It’s kind of the organiser’s fault that they couldn’t differentiate it, but it’s also my fault for signing up in the first place.

Guilty as Charged.


Dear Guilty as Charged,

It’s great that you’re aware of your mistakes and is ready to admit them and stand up for it. It sounds to me like you’re feeling guilty for participating in the competition despite already knowing that it’s mainly catered towards cosplayers. It’s normal to feel this way and even better that you do feel this way because it shows that you’ve got conscience for your actions.

However, if you would like to right your wrong, maybe you could try to take the right step by owning up to the judges that you made a mistake, and maybe the prize could go to someone who is more “deserving” I guess. In the end, that choice is entire up to you. If you don’t choose to do that, it’s fine. Just don’t repeat your mistakes again in the future. After all, no one is perfect, so it’s great that you’re still trying to do the right thing.

Another thing I’d like to talk about is something that you’ve brought up in your confession, that is, “It’s kind of the organiser’s fault that they couldn’t differentiate it”. Dear confessor, yes, it is the organiser’s fault. I’m not trying to point blame at anyone or anything, but it’s also partly your fault for not correcting them too. I don’t want to sound harsh or anything. Believe me, I just want you to learn from this incident that everyone has a choice. You had a choice to do something, which I hopefully wish that you’ll be able to take this to heart and learn from it, to not repeat it again in the future. I know you mean well, that’s great. It’s good to reflect on what you can learn from the situation.

Also, that’s one issue that always surfaces in the cosplay community, that is, people hiring non-cosplayers (basically anyone that’s not from the cosplay community) as cosplay competition judges. Your goth fashion was mistaken for cosplay. I think it’s understandable because for people who are not in the cosplay community, it’s difficult to tell apart what costume is from anime/manga/games etc. when one is not exposed to it. Heck, even some cosplayers can’t tell apart what costume is from an anime, manga, or game because there are just so many.

I think this shows the importance of having people from the cosplay community to judge. Even better if these cosplayers have more experience in the field (years involved/makes own props/costumes etc.) because that makes them more credible and capable of judging.

In summary, if you know you’re wrong, do something about it. Own up to it. Reflect upon your mistakes and treat it as a lesson and learn from it. Also, cosplay competition organisers, please hire or invite credible judges (preferably those from the cosplay community).

Thank you, confessor, for sharing your story with us and for being brave by owning up to your mistake. I think many people will be able to learn something from your story today.

Ms. Scrumptious

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