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Dear The Magic Rain Team,

I’m afraid I (a male) won’t be able to pass as a female if I cosplay a female character. Tips for a beginner? :^;

Dream crosser


Dear Dream Crosser,

Awesome! Truth be told, I actually like cross-dressing my male friends (*evil laugh*). Of course, I can give you some tips. Attention to finer details are what separates a good crossplay from a “not so successful” one. You can’t just put on a dress, wig, slap make-up on your face, and expect yourself to look like a female… I’d say you’d have to pay attention to your fingers/nails, legs, eyebrows, and lashes. I’ll start with the least obvious/general tip for crossplaying!

In general, females have more slender fingers in comparison to males. I’d say that I usually notice that a person is crossplaying based on their stature and big hands. Of course, you can’t do anything about your height if you’re tall, but if you do have big hands, you can try contouring the sides of your fingers. It’ll make a difference and it’ll help! You contour your fingers the same way you do for your nose, i.e. the sides so it creates the illusion that your fingers are slimmer. Of course, touch up your nails too! Shape them and use nail polish. If you have short nails, use stick on nails!

Next, your legs. God knows how many crossdressers out there who don’t bother shaving their legs before crossdressing. We see them all in conventions. Your extra effort to shave/wax would be really great! Not forgetting your eyebrows, please have them trimmed and cleaned up/shaped. This applies to facial hair too. You don’t see girls with beards, do you? Well, except for LadyBeard… if you’re going for that, then go ahead!

Moving on, your eyelash, using fake eyelash would instantly give you a more girly look. Make sure to have them curled upwards with your natural lashes. Dollywink lashes could be a good place to start, which you can get at SASA.

As for your face, use a pink-toned CC or BB cream/ cushion foundation. Brands like Peripera, Etude House, Laneige, and April Skin have these cushion foundations. Having pinkish skin instantly gives you a more youthful and girly look.

If you’re confused about this, you may Google or ask people in SASA who may be more than willing to guide you. Youtube is a great place to research as well. A light pink blusher would also be great, followed by lip tints to finish the look. Using circle lenses would also widen your eyes instantly. Use contact lenses with a black outer ring for a more dolly look. For example, Dollyeye lenses, Bambi lenses, Twilight lenses.

You should just take your time to compare what differentiates males and females. Tiny details are what makes a huge difference when it comes to crossdressing. If you’re shy about buying makeup in public, you can try websites that deliver to your house conveniently! For example, Hermo (I love this one) and Sephora. All the best! You can do it!

If you need more help, just look around you, there may be more crossdressers now than it seems. It’s just that more and more people are getting better at it!

Ms. Scrumptious

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