Vocaloid Showcase: Otomachi Una

Company: Internet Co., Ltd., MTK Inc.


Release Date: July, 2016

Voice Provider: Aimi Tanaka



Otomachi Una’s voice library was developed by Internet Co., Ltd. in collaboration with MTK Inc. If you aren’t aware, Internet Co., Ltd also developed and released Megpoid (Gumi) and Gackpoid (Gakupo).

She has two voicebanks, namely “Sugar” and “Spicy”. Her Sugar bank being the softer of the two and Spicy being the more powerful one. To me, both sound amazing but would definitely would sound great in certain songs more than others due to their specific nature. After scouring Youtube and SoundCloud for tracks that bring these two banks the ultimate justice, I’ve settled on these two out of many!

  • Sugar

  • Spicy


Otomachi Una’s voicebanks have their individual designs. Her Sugar voicebank is based on a marching band outfit, while her Spicy voicebank outfit is based on a Japanese school uniform. Her speech voicebank has it’s own design as well which is shown to be more casual looking. They all have a cute eel hat that alternates between expressions.

Sourced from vocaloid.wikia.com
Sourced from Twitter


  • She’s the first Vocaloid to have come from MTK Inc.
  • Otomachi Una is Internet Co., Ltd.’s first new character that was released for the latest vocaloid engine, VOCALOID4.
  • Her voice actress, Aimi Tanaka, was also the voice of Umaru Doma from Himouto! Umaru-chan.
  • She has a voicebank for speech as well called Otomachi Una Talk which was released on the 20th of April 2017.


Our Top 3 Song Picks You Should Check Out

マニック (Manic) by *Luna feat. Otomachi Una and Rana

はやくそれになりたい!(I wanna be it!) by キノシタ (kinoshita) feat. 音街ウナ

ビースト・ダンス (Beast Dance) by くらげP (KurageP)

*Features Otomachi Una’s Speech voicebank!

Have you ever heard of Otomochi Una? If not, listen to our Top 3 song picks and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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