Mobile Legend’s Latest Hero Chang’e Is Cute, But Deadly

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A few weeks after the release of Hanabi, Moonton introduced a new hero to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This time the hero is Chang’e, a mage role hero. Chang’e was taken from Chinese mythology in which she is known as the goddess of the moon. You can see by the appearance of the hero herself that she is riding a moon. She was originally introduced in the advanced server and now she has made it into the main server.

Since Chang’e is a mage/support role, her skills are more towards crowd control. She’s also known as the fighter and marksman counter as the skills she has slows other heroes down, disables them and might also kill them. One thing that caught my eyes and made me like this hero is her skills which are all themed after cute bunnies! But be careful, cute things can kill too. Let’s take a look at her skills!


Lucky Bunny (Passive Skill)

For every damage that inflicted on an enemy hero, she will be granted with one stack of Moon Rabbit Blessing. Rabbit Blessings can stack up to 40 times. While a skill is active, Chang’e gains one stack of Rabbit Blessing every time she hits an enemy hero. For every 40 stacks of Blessings, Chang’e can increase her magical attack by 40 permanently. However, if she is killed in battle, she loses 15 stacks of Blessings. (Stacks that are used to increase magical attack are unaffected.)

In order to make full use of the passive skill, be sure to land as much damage as you can plus the effect from the items will make Chang’e untouchable and make her a dangerous hero to face.


Let The Moonlight Shine!

Source : screenshots were taken from a streamer in game, Komariuhana

Chang’e summons a circle of shimmering moonlight at a designated location that continuously reduces enemy movement speed. After some time, Chang’e pulls enemy units to the center, dealing magic damage. Enemy units caught in this final attack briefly suffers a severe slow effect. This skill is perfect for a team fight as the skill will gather all the nearby enemies into one place.



Source : screenshots were taken from a streamer in game, Komariuhana

For this skill, Chang’e continuously unleashes energy balls forward which deals magic damage to the first enemy unit they encounter (surrounding targets take 60% of damage). If one target were hit by 3 energy balls, the target will be stunned for 15% seconds. The same target can only be stunned once per second. Chang’e increases her movement speed by 6.


Bunny Bomb (Ultimate)

Source : screenshots were taken from a streamer in game, Komariuhana      

Chang’e launches a rabbit missile forward, dealing magical damage to the first enemy hit and then immediately splitting into 6 small missiles that continue chasing the target. If the rabbit missile doesn’t manage to hit an enemy hero, the missiles will travel to their maximum distance and then split into 6 missiles once more, randomly chasing the nearest targets. As more rabbit missiles hit a single target, the lesser damage the enemy heroes will take.



Chang’e is not an easy hero to use. You could say that Chang’e is a prototype of Harley as Chang’e’s second skill is similar to Harley’s skills because most of their skills are painful. The difference between Chang’e and Harley is that Chang’e has more crowd control skills than he is. She is a great hero as she can counter marksman and also fighter with the damage and debuffs from her skills.

Do you think Chang’e is a good hero? Is she the strongest hero in the moment? Is she worth the purchase? Tell us which part of Chang’e you like the most in the comments below!

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