Devsisters Reveals Three New Cookie Run Games

The wildly successful Cookie Run franchise will soon be adding three new games to its roster: OvenSmash, Witch’s Castle, and the currently untitled Project B. Players were given a glimpse of the new titles during Devsisters’ first-ever online showcase, DevNow, on the 14th of April.

Here’s all the new game reveals from the event:

As the title might suggest, OvenSmash is a Smash Bros-style fighting game featuring the beloved cast of the Cookie Run games. The game will also come with three different PVP modes: Wanted Star, a MOBA-style 5v5 battle where players have to defeat enemy Cookies while collecting Jellies; a 30-player Battle Royale mode; and Treasure Hunt, where a 10-player team will be tasked with collecting treasures and defeating enemies on a huge map.

OvenSmash is scheduled to release on PC later this year, with mobile and console support still in the works.

Witch’s Castle is a tile-matching puzzle game, which follows a group of Cookies as they attempt to escape the titular witch’s castle. The game will delve deeper into the lore of Cookie Run and how the Cookies came to life.

The game is set for a 2023 release, and is also currently available for pre-registration.

Project B

From the creators of Cookie Run: Ovenbreak comes Project B, a PvE co-op game where players will be able to team up to clear stages and boss fights. In addition to featuring existing Cookie Run characters, Project B will also introduce original Cookies, such as Icicle, Calamansi, and Maple.

Project B is expected to launch in 2023.

In addition to these three Cookie Run games, Devsisters also announced two original titles: Brixity, a city-building simulation game, and Dead Cide Club, a 3D side-scrolling shooter. Check out their trailers below:

Which game are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!

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