GWENT FIX: Onward March!

Hello and good day my fellow Gwentlement! It has been some time since I last talked about Gwent but with the recent patch that changed some of the cards, I returned and played some games. This time, I went in with the intention to play around and test some of the underused archetypes. After testing a few decks and making a few tweaks here and there, I came about with the current deck that I am laddering with. Without further ado, here is my current deck:

Jan Calveit Soldiers

Leader: Jan Calveit


Royal Decree

Cahir Dyffryn


Triss: Butterflies


Marching Orders

Assire Van Anahid

Germain Piquant





1x Petri’s Philter

3x Ointment

3x Slave Infantry

3x Sentry

2x Standard Bearer

3x Vicovaro Novice

The deck is a swarm tactic deck which plays a lot of small units that can create incremental Strength the longer the round is. While the Silver and Golds are not flashy, they are there to support and strengthen the core gameplay of swarming the Board.

For the opening hand, you want to mulligan away third round cards like Assire, Ointments and Vicovaro Novice. Try to get as many Slave Infantry and also Germain Piquant into your opening hand to brute force your way through the first round. The opening combo of playing Germain Piquant and Triss: Butterflies is unstoppable if the opponent cannot remove Triss. Usually after two to three turns of Triss going off, you can safely pass or your opponent would have given up the round to you.

Another note is to also make use of your Leader Ability from Jan Calveit in the first round in order to be able to play Cahir later. The best Gold to keep in the first round is always Royal Decree as it searches for what you need when you need it.

In the Second Round, play the Standard Bearer and try to play off the remaining Slave Infantries that you may have drawn late. If you need to use some of your Ointments to revive Slave Infantries, do so. Bleed down your opponent’s cards since you will essentially need only four to five cards for the final round. Still, you may find that the deck can win in the Second Round with the burst of playing Sentries on your Slave Infantries.

In the third round, you can resurrect your Slave Infantries with Vicovaro Novice fetching Ointments from your deck and if you are running short, you can use Assire beforehand to shuffle some of the Ointments in your discard pile back into the deck.

The deck is not without its weaknesses, as in this case, Weather is one of its huge weakness. Since the deck plays all three rows with its Slave Infantries, any weather can wreck the deck, thus Vanhemar is a must to be included in the deck. In the event that you run into a lot of Weather decks, you can replace Petri’s Philter with the Bronze Card Clear Weather.

Alright guys, that is all for Gwent Fix this week and I hope you have fun marching your Slaves into victory while looking cool.

Until next time, keep slinging spells!

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