Tokyo Ghoul:re – Anime First Impressions


Studio: Studio Pierrot, Pierrot Plus

Episodes: 12

Director: Odahiro Watanabe

Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Seinen, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural


What you need to know about Tokyo Ghoul:re

1. Tokyo Ghoul:re is the third season of the Tokyo Ghoul series, following after Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul √A

2. The anime starts off by following a brand new protagonist, Sasaki Haise who’s a ghoul investigator (Dove) and his squad known as the Quinx squad

3. In terms of animation quality, Studio Pierrot has definitely stepped up their game after countless criticism regarding the first two seasons, but it is still lacking.

4. Story starts off without any buildup, directly jumping straight into action.

5. Not enough focus given to character introduction, especially newer ones, as well as bad story-setting


1. Tokyo Ghoul:re takes place 2 years after the events of √A.

2.The Quinx squad is made up of humans with built-in quinque in their bodies, distinguishing them from normal one-eyed ghouls like Haise Sasaki

3. The cafe :re in the anime is modelled after a real cafe, ‘MUSEUM Cafe & diner’ in Tokyo, but it has since closed down.

4. The word re, in some languages, such as Maltese, means “king.”


As a long-time fan of the Tokyo Ghoul manga (which includes the Tokyo Ghoul:re manga), I was hoping that Studio Pierrot would finally bring justice to the franchise after the terrible production in the first two seasons. While the animation quality has definitely improved, it still remains lackluster in terms of character design and the occasional action scene. Tokyo Ghoul:re has failed to impress me thus far with its bad story-setting and character focus. Although we can’t fully blame the production studio as they have only 12 episodes to work around with, I feel that the manga deserves more than what we’re getting.

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