Gundam Build Divers – Anime First Impressions


Studio: Sunrise

Episodes: 13

Director: Shinya Watada

Genre: Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi


What you need to know about Gundam Build Divers

1. Gundam Build Divers is a new story that focuses on Riku Mikami and has little to no connection at all to Gundam Build Fighters Try (at least for the time being)

2. Despite having the name Gundam Build, it features a different mode of combat than its predecessors, which was the Plavsky Particle System Enginering tool

3. It takes on the setting of a virtual MMORPG, where participants will have to “dive” into the world to battle each other

4. The storyline pacing is very slow and even the characters feel very template like

5. Opening and ending themes are good while the overall audio visual quality is up to par

6. It feels like Sword Art Online meets Gundam Universe at times



1. The director for this series also directed Gundam Build Fighters Try

2. However, the writers of the previous series are not returning to script this series

3. A side story manga titled Gundam Build Divers Break will begin serialization in June 2018

4. Features some never before seen Gundam being animated for the first time ever like Gundam AGE II




Watch this only if you are a Gundam fan as the storytelling is very predictable and linear. It is going to be tough to just consume this anime for the plot and setting because most of it references the Gundam Universe in general.

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