Comics For Your Valentine!

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Whether you’re single or non-single, Valentine is for everyone. Although romantic pressies and tooth-rotting sweet gestures for yourself or for your better half make good and thoughtful gifts, doing the same-ole stuff may start to get boring fast so why not change it up once in a while to spice things up?

Now, this is where some lit(erature) goodies comes in; and by literature, I mean comics! After all, comics are the type of heavenly invention suitable to be gifted and shared at any time of the year. No story spoilers will be included in this post because “less is more” is the name of the game. 😉

For The Valentine Who Loves Some Slice Of Life Humour

Image Credit: Maple Comics

Why not add some funny, local flavors to you or your significant other’s bookshelf? If you’re part of a coupling, y’all can read this cutie together-gether too…


For The Valentine Who Loves Magical Girls

Image Credit: Comixology

What’s there not to love about magical girls?


For The Valentine Who Loves Intergalactic Love Stories

Image Credit: Comixology

Saga is the God-tier title any well-informed comic fan should know about, so if you haven’t heard of Saga, you can thank me now. Also, if you wanna elevate a person’s reading status, Saga is the perfect gift. (Coolness Points +100!)


For The Valentine Who Loves Feminist Horror

Image Credit: Comixology

Redlands is a comic about some witches who ain’t got time for trashy patriarchy and their bullsh*t.


For The Valentine Who Loves Sparkly Stones

Image Credit: Comixology

Earth doesn’t simply and solely revolve around Steven Universe, ya know?


For The Valentine Who Loves Some Bedroom Action

Image Credit: Image Comics

Sunstone is a better and sweeter love story than that Fifty Shades of LOL. Mark my words and thank me later.


For The Valentine Who Loves Spin-offs

Image Credit: Amazon

If the person you’re in a relationship with loves Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, there’s a large margin of probability that they will like this one to bits. I can *ahem* personally vouch for this ultra-kawaii title.


For The Valentine Who Loves Badass Archers

Image Credit: Comixology

There’s always room for more badass ladies in comics. Badass ladies who are badass archers at the same time are a bonus and this is where Robyn Hood comes in to plant an arrow into readers’ hearts!

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Yue Lynn is an avid comics consumer who plays too much Overwatch.

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