Last Week In Movies: What Incredible Parents!

#1: Disney-Pixar releases first sneak peek of Incredibles 2 in conjunction with the Winter Olympics

After teasing audiences for the past week or so, fans were finally satiated as Disney-Pixar released the first trailer for the highly anticipated sequel just yesterday. The trailer details the plot of the film, which follows Mr. Incredible’s begrudging relegation to house husband as Elastigirl takes on the role of friendly neighbourhood superheroine.

If you haven’t caught the trailer just yet, check it out below!


#2: Black Panther earns its spot at the top of the box office, beating out records held by Thor: Ragnarok and Doctor Strange

Making its mark as the biggest opening day of 2018 so far in the UK and Ireland, the Marvel film starring Chadwick Boseman as its titular character brought in £2.67m on its opening day, beating out its predecessors Thor: Ragnarok and Doctor Strange. The film has also premiered in Malaysia, so if you haven’t caught the King of Wakanda in action, I highly suggest you make haste!


#3: Netflix releases the Season 5 trailer for Voltron Legendary Defender before its March 2nd premiere

The trailer for the new season of Dream Work’s Voltron Legendary Defenders dropped just yesterday, recapping the events of Season 4 and teasing the possibilities in the coming season. With only two weeks left to the new season’s release, now is the best time to binge watch all four previous seasons available on Netflix! Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

If you haven’t checked out the trailer, you can watch it below!



#4: Hasbro releases a new set of figurines for Solo: A Star Wars Story characters; available for purchase before the movie premieres

After a suspicious dry spell of marketing for the upcoming Star Wars flick, Disney and Lucasfilm are finally kicking things into full motion. Most recently, with the release of the following six-inch figurines of the movie’s main characters. Of course, Lando is the coolest.

View the gallery below for a closer look!


#5: Audiences get first glimpse of Tom Hardy as Venom in the Spiderman villian’s upcoming solo film

Last week, Sony unveiled the first teaser trailer for Venom… and it didn’t go so well. The trailer has been slammed by critics for being too flat and generic, while the lack of an appearance from Venom himself only adds insult to injury. The plot of the movie is said to follow the origin story of Eddie Brock’s Venom but whether it will have any linkages to the Spiderman universe or the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still anybody’s guess.

Haven’t checked out the trailer for yourself? Form your own opinion below.


#6: Deadpool introduces Cable in the latest teaser for Deadpool 2

The trailer opens with a dramatic monologue, a lone figure stands over the rubble of a debilitated building, then he turns around. It’s Cable. He walks out of the building, gun in his arm covered in green latex… hold on, something is amiss here, and surely enough, Deadpool pauses the trailer and takes over. Of course he does.

The entire thing is as tongue in cheek as you’d expect, but more importantly, it gives us our first look into what the sequel could possibly have in store for us. So far we like what we see. Check it out below!

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