Cosers Confess: Are we just cosplay soulmates?

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Dear The Magic Rain Team,

I am pretty sure some cosplayers have the dream to have another cosplayer as a girlfriend/boyfriend right? I’m not excluded. My partner and I have been in a relationship since May this year. We both had a crush on each other, so you can guess we get along very well. We share the same dreams, goals, and maybe some cosplans too.

Everything is well. But, lately we are growing quite distant with each other. My partner is busy with their job, while I’m busy with my studies. I understand the situation, but recently we ran out of topics to talk about. It usually revolves around our cosplay, cosplan, and maybe our marriage *cough*

But aside from cosplay, we don’t talk much and it’s saddening me. We don’t really call each other, just chatting in WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. We’re also currently in a long distance relationship since my partner is in KL while I’m in Johor.

What should I do? I love this relationship but seems like we both might just be cosplay soulmates instead of real soulmates…



Dear Soulmates,

I’m sorry that you’re having a tough time with your relationship. I don’t know you and your partner personally, so I might not be able to fully help you. However, here are some of my thoughts regarding your problem.

First of all, it’s great that both of you have the same interest in cosplaying, however, I think you should question whether the both of you have more than cosplay in common. If you’re running out of topics to talk about or even have problems in discussing about other things beside cosplay then that is truly a problem because I feel that your relationship should not primarily revolved only around cosplay.

Think about it, in the long term, this dependence may take a toll on your relationship when someone decides to quit or lose interest in cosplay. Hence, you should try to find other common interest or values that both of you have in common with one another.

Moreover, communication and trust is key in a long distance relationship. If you feel the need to call your partner, tell them! Effort has to come from both sides. Plan to call whenever you can. Set out a time for these calls if needed. Maybe even try a Skype movie date just to keep the romance going.

I wish you the best! Just try your best  and if all fails, don’t worry, things will get better eventually.

Ms. Scrumptious

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