Activities Galore at Cosplay Commuter!

Cosplay Commuter is entering stations in 10 days time. Are you ready? We definitely are! While you have been gathering friends and preparing your costumes, we at The Magic Rain (TMR) have been busy working to make this event as fun-filled and activity-packed as possible! With that, we have a few exciting announcements we’d like to share with you…


ONE: We are collaborating with RapidKL!

With the support from their organisation, we can ensure that every aspect of our event will be safe and regulated. Not only will we have the assistance of RapidKL’s Kelana Jaya operations team, we are also bringing in first aid specialists on-site, and our team of dedicated volunteers are always ready to assist. Leave the worrying to us, and just be prepared to have fun!


TWO: We will have a total of SIX main activity stops!

My Cosplay Story

Cosplay is personal for a lot of people and we hope everyone can share a simple version of their first cosplay story by using a marker and an A4 paper that will be provided to them at this stop.


Think you can read minds? Put your skills to the test as everyone acts out famous animes and songs without saying anything! The best team to guess the most categories presented will win prizes!

Jan Ken Pon

Jan Ken Pon is a traditional Japanese game, which also mirrors our own beloved classic tiebreaker game, One Two Jus or One Two Som. Think you’re the best at Jan Ken Pon? Put it to the test and we will reward you if you’re reigning champ at the end of the day!

Music Mania

Think you know every anime song out there? What if they were sung by one of your friends? Our Music Mania stop will put your ears to the test as your friends sing their renditions of popular anime theme songs and you attempt to guess them. If you guess enough songs correctly, we’ll reward you! 

Photo Stop

We know how much you guys love photos, from selfies to portraits. As such, we have prepared some setups within the train station for awesome photos of everyone!

Her Majesty’s Mansion at Avenue K

Her Majesty’s Mansion is a secret garden where the angels live. What will happen when you step inside? Only visitors to the maid and butler garden will know! (Check out their Facebook page here!)


THREE: Plenty of food to choose from at Evolve Concept Mall!

We have collaborated with Food Truck Valley to bring an assortment of food trucks to Evolve Concept Mall, so you can fill your stomachs before embarking on your train adventure! Remember, the journey begins at 1PM, so be sure to come earlier to grab a bite, and who knows what else you’ll find there?


Lastly, for more information about the event…

We answer the Who, What, Where, Why, and How in this post:

We update our Facebook page regularly:

Announce your participation on our event page:

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