Hell Girl’s 4th Season

Ever heard of Hell Girl, otherwise known as Jigoku Shoujo? According to Japanese retailers Tsutaya and Honya, the latest volume of Hell Girl will consist of a booklet featuring production designs of the 4th season of Hell Girl which will begin airing on July 2017.

Hell Girl or Jigoku Shoujo revolves around a girl named Enma Ai who is known to only a small group of people and even then, as Hell Girl. Serving as the embodiment of revenge, Enma Ai and her companions carry out their duty of striking contracts that involves sending hated souls to Hell. This can be done via the tormented person submitting a request onto a website called the Hell Correspondence Website or Jigoku Tsuushin.

This series is known to have a recurring theme of injustice, hatred, and revenge. This anime is not suitable for younger audience and viewers as it might include elements such as violence, blackmail, torture, insanity and many more. Thus, it is rated R-17+. Three seasons has been released thus far and last November, a stage play adaptation was held. Personally, I’m really looking forward to the 4th season as the previous seasons were good. Till then!

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