Is It Worth Playing Solo Leveling: Arise? — Game Review

Solo Leveling, the popular webtoon with 14.3 billion global views, launched its action role-playing mobile game earlier this March. We’ve been playing Solo Leveling: Arise since its launch, and 62 levels later, we’re here to answer the question on everyone’s minds: Is the game worth playing?

As a fan of the manhwa and the Solo Leveling universe, I was impressed with how the game presents its story mode. The developers, Netmarble, use manhwa panels to narrate the story, replicating the feel of the original reading experience. For someone like me who has reread the manhwa multiple times, this approach was nostalgic and engaging.

In terms of gameplay, Solo Leveling: Arise stands out from other gacha games with its unique features from counter-attacks, to QTEs (Quick Time Events) to swap hunters, weapon abilities, and many more.

Most importantly for a gacha game, Solo Leveling: Arise is generous with its rewards. I managed to do more than 200 pulls, both from playing the game and rewards given by the developers.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the pros and cons of the game.

The Pros

Generous Rewards

The game rewards players with a substantial number of pulls through gameplay and developer rewards. The pulling system is player-friendly, allowing you to choose your desired weapon or character rate-ups, increasing your chances of getting the items you want.

Character Depth

The developers have introduced characters not present in the manhwa, giving them detailed backstories. This adds depth to characters like Cha Hae-In, enhancing the overall narrative.

Unique Gameplay & Visuals

The game boasts unique gameplay mechanics and stunning visuals. Its art direction is distinct and appealing, setting it apart from other games in the genre.

The Cons

Gold Scarcity

Earning gold in the game is challenging, with limited ways to accumulate it. This can be frustrating for players looking to progress.

Paywall Issues

There is a noticeable paywall in the game. Ideally, players should be able to three-star all content with the characters provided for free. However, certain requirements in this game, such as having two dark support units, makes it difficult to achieve as a free-to-play user.

Despite playing since launch and making 835 pulls, I still cannot achieve three stars due to such requirements.

Connection Problems

The game suffers from connectivity issues. Despite having a good internet connection, the game often feels like it is running with a 300ms delay, and loading times are long.

Exclusive Pass Disadvantage

Players without the Exclusive Pass are at a significant disadvantage. The benefits of purchasing the pass are substantial, making it almost necessary for progression.

For example, leveling up without the pass is a slow process. It took me 5 to 6 days to move from level 55 to 56, but only a day or two to go from level 60 to 61 after buying the pass.

The pass also offers other advantages like battle gate sweeping, extra gold and experience from activity funds, and immediate claims from activity funds. The game seems to push players towards purchasing the pass to progress efficiently, which feels like a money trap.

Final Score: 6/10

Overall, my experience with Solo Leveling: Arise has been positive despite the various issues with its paywall and server connectivity. But take my word with a grain of salt as a long-time fan of the franchise, and try it out yourself!

If you are an anime watcher: Give it a try! There’s no harm in experiencing the game, especially if you enjoy immersive gameplay and unique storytelling.

If you are new to the Solo Leveling universe and want to try the game: If you enjoy action RPGs, you should give Solo Leveling: Arise a try. It offers a unique experience in both gameplay and story, making it worth exploring for any RPG enthusiast.

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