‘Jollibae’ Is A Parody Horror Game Inspired By Jollibee

Jollibee is a popular chain of fast food restaurants that originated in the Philippines. Jollibae… well, Jollibae is something else.

Inspired by their own childhoods, developers L3x and Kurt created the horror-themed spoof of the beloved fast food franchise for a horror game jam. Their entry, titled Engkanto: Anino, was submitted in 2023 and featured Jollibae for the first time.

According to the devs, they intended to have the Jollibae mascot pursue the player in later stages of the game, but ran out of time during the jam, so that feature was never completed. However, they liked the idea of Jollibae so much that they decided to create a quick game centering around the concept.

In Jollibae, you play as a well-known professional eater who signs up to participate in an annual eating competition sponsored by the well-known fast-food chain Jollibae, with the promise of an incredible prize at the end of it. As you unravel the history of the location, it’s clear that things are not as they seem.

“Before tackling a more serious project, we truly wanted to create a parody horror game that is occasionally humorous, absurd, and a little frightening. A horror-themed spoof of the well-known fast food chain Jollibee, which has always been a part of our childhood, Jollibae is a kind of homage to those bygone days when we were still small,” the developers share.

The game is a quick 10-15 minute experience with a strong retro aesthetic, and you can play it for free on their Itch.io page. It is also currently the top 3 most popular games on the platform, congratulations to the devs!

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