Games to Look Out For In 2018

Sony’s God of War just got announced for an April 20th release and we honestly couldn’t be more excited. It seems that like 2017, Q1 of 2018 is shaping up to be an amazing start of the year for gamers. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory just came out and it’s a pretty solid game, and let’s of course not forget that Dragon Ball and Monster Hunter will have their new shiny games out by now. There’s certainly no shortage of things to be hyped about this year so we’ve compiled a short list of games that you definitely should look out for!

1. God of War

Let’s get this one out of the way immediately; yes none other than God of War. From its humble beginnings on the PS2, God of War has now built up a legacy as one of Sony’s best titles with consistently good gameplay throughout the majority of its titles. While initially seen as just a bloody, spectacle hack and slash game, many were surprised when the game actually developed an intense and intriguing storyline as it matured over the course of a few years. With God of War 3 supposedly ending the first story arc, it’s interesting to see where this soft reboot will go in terms of the story. Coupled with the fact that the trailers have shown off some great combat, and you’ve got the recipe to what could be Sony’s best title of this year.


2. Spider-Man

Speaking of potentially great Sony games, the new Spider-Man looks like it could be one of this year’s greats. Now Spider-Man as a franchise has just been really unlucky as a whole; both in movies and in games, the wall crawler’s publishing rights were passed around to people who generally just weren’t very in tune with what the character was about. Many regard Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 to be the last great Spider-Man game and for good reason, it was a fantastic game. Unlike its successors, the game felt great to play, took creative liberties that made it stand out and was mostly free of technical issues that plagued later games. This is why Spider-Man 2018 is important, because it’s now finally being developed by a different team and could spell a new start for the web head in the gaming scene. Much like Homecoming, this game could be the long-awaited revival that Spider-Man needs.


3. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Probably not something you’d expect on a list like this as Ace Combat is relatively niche, but like our previous two listed games, this title has got some history to live up to. Believe it or not, while most will tell you that Ace Combat is just a good combat flight simulator, those who actually stuck around with the games from its later years will tell you something rather unexpected – it also sports a damn good plot. A simple Google search is all you need before finding people raving on about how great Ace Combat 4, 5 and 6 are in terms of both its world building and characters. That’s right, the characters in these games are actually fleshed out well and the war they fight is almost just as interesting, if not more. With the last numbered title being released in 2007, fans are eager to see what this new game does to warrant the title of Ace Combat 7. If you’re eager to try something new, this game is definitely one to look out for.


4. Anthem

After Mass Effect Andromeda, Bioware’s been having it rough. Even though the game wasn’t worked on by their main team, the resulting product has dragged the entire company through the mud regardless of who was truly responsible. Combined with EA’s constant meddling, many have chosen to boycott Anthem already fearing another poorly produced game filled with micro transactions. Whether for the controversy or not, Anthem still should be something on your radar. Considering that Bioware now has the need to prove themselves once more, this could be a return to form for them. While the trailers have revealed only a glimpse into the game, many of Bioware’s top members are working on this and communication with the community is rather encouraging as of now. It would certainly be a shame if this game turned out to be great and went under due to the sins of others. Or hey, maybe it ends up terrible, who knows?


5. Kingdom Hearts III

Can’t say you didn’t see this one coming; yes it’s Kingdom Hearts III. Honestly this game for the longest time was considered vapourware, the developers at Square Enix kept saying they had plans or it was in production but nothing came of it for ten years. As it turns out, the game really did begin production but only from 2013 onwards. Make no mistake; the expectations for this game are massive because much like Half-Life 3, the title alone has been shrouded in such mystery and speculation over the years that it’s almost like a legend. The difference this time is that this legend is actually coming to life and we are probably going to see it before this year ends. While it probably won’t live up to the hype its built up, there’s still a lot riding on Kingdom Hearts III and we’re eager to see where it ends up.

Of course, this is just a small list of great potentials this year. There’s a lot more to look forward to in 2018 so let us know what game you have on your radar in the comments!

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