Here’s 5 Cozy City Builders You Can Play On Steam

Love decorating and building with none of the stress? So do these developers. These cozy games boast beautiful graphics and relaxing atmospheres, with limited or no goals or challenges to achieve. If that sounds like your cup of tea, here are five indie games to put on your wishlist!


SUMMERHOUSE is a small-scale building game and a love letter to the feeling of long lost summer afternoons. Craft a neighbourhood of tiny, beautiful lived-in homes in a variety of settings: the sea, the city, or the mountains. While there are some little secrets to uncover, there are no rules, and you can’t win or lose.

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2. Lands of Koastalia

Lands of Koastalia is a relaxing city building game with a unique building system. As the mayor, your primary mission is to keep people happy. Craft natural-looking villages just by drawing shapes on the grid, manage resources within and across them, explore an island, and meet the needs of your residents.

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3. Minami Lane

Minami Lane is a small, wholesome management game set on a Japanese-inspired street. Customise and manage your own street, make sure everyone is happy, and watch the villagers live their lives! Enjoy 2 to 4 hours of playtime, cute tanukis and lots of cats!

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4. Gourdlets

Gourdlets is a city-building sandbox about crafting adorable towns for little vegetable folks. Pick from an uber-cute catalogue of buildings, plants and decorations to design the perfect cozy paradise, then watch visiting gourdlets arrive and interact with the world. There are no objectives, no points, just building.

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5. Tiny Glade

Tiny Glade is a small relaxing game about doodling castles. Explore gridless building chemistry, and watch the game carefully assemble every brick, pebble and plank. There’s no management, combat, or wrong answers – just kick back and turn forgotten meadows into lovable dioramas.

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