Is There Region Lock on PS4 Games?

I’ve encountered an instance where a walk-in customer asked the local game shop on why didn’t the game’s bundled DLC (downloadable content) work when he keyed in the code. The reason was due to the game being from a different region.

In Playstation’s Ultimate FAQ, they wrote the following:

Do PS4 games have regional locks?

“In general, neither digital nor disc-based games will be region locked, but PlayStation recommends that all users purchase games at the region of their residence to guarantee the best overall experience and customer service. In certain instances, a software publisher may choose to region lock a game title for specific reasons, but Sony Computer Entertainment expects these instances to be uncommon.”

As you get a PS4, you will be required to create a PSN ID, of which you would have to key in the region you are from. From there onwards, all your digital games and DLC purchases will be bound by the set region. So for ease of use, you can use your country of residence where your local bank issued debit/credit cards can be used to purchase digital contents. However, if you use another country as you create your PSN ID, you will have to purchase prepaid cards and load it into the account.

Generally, local distributed PS4 games will bear the R3 logo. Thats the name of our region, although there will be an occasional R’ALL’. There are mainly R1 (US), R2 (Europe and Japan), R3 (Malaysia) and R4 (Australia & Oceania).


The disc-based games that we can get from local game stores can be played on any PS4s, but that’s not the case for DLC. The game disc and the PSN ID region must be the same in order for you to download the DLCs. In order to tell which region is your game from, you can turn to the back of the game cover where you will see the region printed at the bottom.

For example, if you bought a PS4 from Europe and created a PSN ID there, your region will be R2, and you brought the PS4 to Malaysia. When you purchase games here, most copies will be in R3, so if the game you bought has DLC contents which you want, you will need to create a Malaysian PSN ID to download the DLCs.

In short, you can buy and play games from any region on the PS4, the region will matter only when you download the DLCs.

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