Top 10 Biggest Indie Game Announcements From The Triple-i Initiative Showcase

The Triple-i Initiative is a brand new showcase aiming to elevate the top independent creators in video games. Created and curated by the studios behind Dead Cells, Terraria, Slay the Spire and more, the initiative promised a no-nonsense, ad-free digital showcase featuring blockbuster indie titles from around the world.

Its first ever showcase premiered last night on YouTube, featuring 45 minutes of world premieres, exclusive gameplay footage, and many, many, many roguelites. Here’s the biggest announcements you don’t want to miss.

1. Slay The Spire 2 Early Access Arrives 2025

Beginning the showcase with a bang, Megacrit announced the return of their iconic roguelike deckbuilder. Slay the Spire 2 early access arrives in 2025, promising new slayers with their own sets of cards, mechanics, and personalities. New enemies, events, and treasures also await as the rooms and items you discover change each time you play.

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2. Risk of Rain 2 Gets Free Devotion Update

The highly popular action roguelike Risk of Rain 2 announced a free DLC coming soon. The Devotion update includes a Dead Cells inspired skin called The Prisoner, a new map called Verdant Falls, and new artifacts Devotion and Delusion. The update doesn’t have a release date yet, but in the meantime, you can snag the base game for 50% off on Steam.

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3. First Look At KILL KNIGHT Gameplay

Developed by PlaySide Studios, KILL KNIGHT is an ultra-responsive arcade-inspired isometric action shooter. Condemned to eternal sufferance, deep within the voids of an eldritch arena, you must wield an arsenal of devastating weaponry to obliterate swarms of otherworldly horrors — and master the demon within.

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4. Shadows of Doubt Releases Sharpshooter Assassin Update

Shadows of Doubt released its first major content update of the year, titled Sharpshooter Assassin, which introduces two new sharpshooter killer variants. This immersive sandbox detective stealth game puts you in the shoes of a private investigator, taking on jobs with the end-goal of catching a serial killer — before they kill again. The game is also coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox series S and X after leaving early access.

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5. Humble Games Announces Never Alone 2

The sequel to the BAFTA award-winning narrative adventure Never Alone is on its way! Developed by E-Line Media and published by Humble Games, the sequel once again follows Nuna and Fox as they unearth an epic mystery threatening their village. No release date has been announced yet.

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6. Darkest Dungeon 2 Gets Free Game Mode

Darkest Dungeon II shocked and delighted fans with their announcement of a free standalone campaign game mode arriving in 2024. The Kingdoms game mode challenges players to protect and nurture their Kingdom by defending safe havens and purging dangerous environments of insidious threats.

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7. Ravenswatch Gets Major Early Access Update

Passtech announced the next early access content update for their action roguelike Ravenswatch. The Fall of Avalon update arrives this April 22nd and features a whole new chapter to explore, extending the length of a run and introducing new content and features into the game.

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8. Laysara Summit Kingdom Launches In Early Access

Laysara Summit Kingdom is officially available in early access with a sweet 20% launch discount. The game is a challenging city builder which tasks you with creating a new home for your people forced out of the lowlands. Carefully plan production chains and satisfy various needs of your three-caste society while dealing with unique mountain hazards.

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9. Palworld Teases New Pal Arena Mode

Pocketpair also joined the showcase to announce Pal Arena, a new PvP game mode where players will be able to train the strongest Pals and battle against other players. Palworld is an open-world survival and monster-collecting game set in a world where mysterious creatures called “Pals” exist.

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10. The Rogue Prince of Persia Early Access Arrives May 2024

Last but definitely not least, Evil Empire is developing The Rogue Prince of Persia! This 2D fast-paced action-platforming roguelike will be arriving in early access this May 14th. Battle through the capital city again and again with one goal – find a way to save Persia from a Hun invasion wielding dark magic.

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Check out the full list of Triple-i Initiative titles on Steam, and top up your Steam Wallet on Codashop.

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