Every Announcement From The Goddess of Victory: Nikke 1.5 Anniversary Event

Goddess of Victory: Nikke hosted their 1.5 Anniversary Celebration livestream last week, announcing a massive event including new story content, new Nikke, new costumes, themed mini games, and over 100+ free recruitment opportunities!

The 1.5 Anniversary Event will be going live on April 25th, so we’ve compiled everything you need to know so you don’t miss out!

New Update: The Last Kingdom That Guards Everything

The 1.5 Anniversary celebration has a medieval theme this time! The event is set in Crown Kingdom, an ancient castle where the Weissritter Squad resides.On a day when the routine of collecting scrap metal and maintaining the castle walls continued, unexpected guests set foot in the kingdom.

New Banner: SSR Crown

Crown is one of the two new SSR characters arriving with the Anniversary Event. According to her profile, she is one of the Pilgrims wandering the surface, but she believes herself to be royalty and treats all Nikkes she meets as her subjects. Players can recruit her through her character banner on April 25th.

Free Banner: SSR Kilo

Kilo is the second of the two new SSR characters, and she will be available for free starting from April 25th. According to her profile, she is the pilot of T.A.L.O.S. and its high performance AI system allows it to provide invaluable support for surviving both on and off the battlefield. Players who missed out on recruiting Rei during last year’s 0.5 Anniversary can also choose Rei instead of Kilo.

New Costumes: Snow White, Diesel & Modernia

There will be three new anniversary costumes for Snow White, Diesel and Modernia. White Knight Snow White is available through the 1.5 Anniversary Pass; Midnight Strawberry Diesel is available through the May Mission Pass; and Second Affection Modernia is obtainable through the 1.5 Anniversary Version Costume Gacha.

New Mini Game: For The King

The update will also include a tower defense mini game titled For The King. The goal is to defend your tower against the torrent of raptures. Based on the video, there are plenty of levels to challenge and conquer!

New Heretic Boss: Indivilia

Starting April 25th, the game is also adding a new Heretic Rapture Boss named Indivilia. Be prepared to push your skills and strategies to the limit and win the battle!

New Boss Theme Song: “Headless Angel” by Queen Bee

Japanese band Queen Bee, best known for performing “Mephisto” from the “Oshi no Ko” soundtrack, will be releasing a special collaboration track for the Indivilia boss fight! The track is titled “Headless Angel”.

New Main Story: Chapters 29-30

Together with the 1.5 Anniversary update, players can also expect a continuation for the thrilling Main Story. Chapters 29 to 30 will be arriving with the same update.

Anniversary Event Rewards

By participating in the 1.5 Anniversary event, players will receive the following rewards:

  • 55 Advanced Recruit Vouchers
  • 30 Recruit Vouchers
  • 21 free daily Crown Pick Up Recruitment Opportunities
  • 600 Gems
  • 1 Kilo + 3 Nikke Selection Boxes (for Kilo or Rei)
  • Commemorative avatar frame
  • Commemorative profile decorations

Livestream CDKEY

Make sure you don’t forget to claim your Livestream CDKEY from now until May 31st, 23:59 (UTC+9). The codes are:

  • 240420533

You can also claim the CDKEY via the official Goddess of Victory: Nikke Discord here.

Milestone Special Giveaway

If you recruited your friends as Commanders before the livestream event, you can also redeem 10 Advanced Recruit Vouchers via in-game mail. This reward can be claimed from April 25th until May 16th, 04:59 (UTC+9).

If you missed the livestream, you can still watch the archived video on Goddess of Victory: Nikke’s YouTube channel.

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