‘Tchia’ Comes To Steam This Month With All-New Content Update

The Games For Impact 2023 winner is finally coming to Steam! ‘Tchia’ is a tropical open-world adventure meets physics-driven sandbox where the world is your oyster. A poetic coming-of-age story inspired by New Caledonia, join Tchia as she sets off to rescue her father from the cruel tyrant, Meavora, the ruler of the archipelago.

The game features two unique mechanics. Tchia’s special soul-jumping ability lets you take control of any animal or object you can find. With over thirty animals and hundreds of objects to choose from, you can fly around as a bird or dig for treasures as a dog; allowing you to take a unique approach to puzzle solving.

Tchia also has a fully playable ukulele that you can use to jam out any tunes you like. Use your trusty musical companion during key rhythm sections, or play unlockable melodies in the open world to trigger special events such as attracting animals, triggering rainfall, and more.

To celebrate the game’s release on Steam, Tchia developers Awaceb will be adding plenty of new quality of life features so you can enjoy your tropical adventure to the max!

New Soul Melodies

  • Spawn Food: Immediately summon a – frankly ridiculous – amount of food in a circle around you, to replenish your stamina. Stash the leftovers in your backpack for later! It’s Fast Food the Tchia way!
  • Random Cosmetics: Don’t spend hours fretting over your outfit – let the game decide. Who says you can’t wear a shark hat with a clown outfit anyway?
  • Acrobat Mode: Why jump a reasonable height when you could jump a completely ridiculous height and distance? Spin in the air faster and pull off the best flips and tricks you could possibly imagine.
  • Human Torch: Become fire! Your slingshot will be able to shoot fireballs, and every object you touch EXPLODES! Super good for clearing camps.
  • Super Boat: Your boat can go super duper fast with this. Fun for exploration, and for doing super quick sea zoomies. The fish will be in awe.
  • Invoke Boat: Forgot where you parked your sea vessel? Worry not. Summon a boat whenever needed, and sail the seas without a care.

New Cosmetic Perk

  • Attract Animals: Wear a full outfit of a certain animal, and you’ll suddenly find them following you wherever possible! Lead a gang of sharks, crabs, or cows, or birds, or – well, any animal in Tchia. Has no benefit other than looking super cool.

New Comfort Setting

  • Infinite Soul-Meter: You will be able to find this in your comfort settings. Tired of your Soul Meter depleting? Here’s a way for you to play soul melodies to your hearts content without the bar ever going down… Be a bird forever, the sky’s the limit!

Wishlist or buy Tchia on Steam, and top-up your Steam Wallet on Codashop.

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