Our Top Anime Picks From The Winter 2024 Season — Part 1

As we are now entering March 2024, the time is ripe to see how this anime season has been faring. This season may not have many big hitters unlike the previous season, but it does have some highly anticipated titles such as Solo Levelling and Delicious in Dungeon in addition to unexpected gems like Ninja Kamui and Brave Bang Bravern!

Romance, action, and comedy anime are undoubtedly the main highlights this season. Isekai fans can also rejoice as there are also some excellent releases bringing fresh twists to the genre. While we tried our best to limit ourselves to only 10 titles, we also couldn’t resist recommending another 5 extra titles that we think you should check out too.

This ranking list will be a mix of both ongoing and new series. However, we will exclude anime that started airing from previous seasons (Frieren), long-running anime (One Piece), OVAs and ONAs.

Let’s dive right in!

10. Villainess Level 99: I May Be the Hidden Boss but I’m Not the Demon Lord

After being reborn in an otome game as the hidden boss Yumiella Dolkness, our female protagonist decides to level up for both her survival and the prospect of a peaceful life. However, her max level of 99 soon attracts unwanted attention from other characters in this world, and her goal of a peaceful and uneventful life seems to drift ever further away.

While this anime seems to be full of clichés and common tropes, it actually stops being generic fairly quickly and becomes much more enjoyable than we initially imagined. The animation and music may not be particularly outstanding, but the story is well-paced, does not feel rushed, and provides sufficient exposition for important points. The great voice acting of the cast also brings life and character to this show.

9. The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic

Ken Usato, Suzune Inikami, and Kazuki Ryuusen are summoned into a fantasy world to save the kingdom from the demon lord. Unlike his two friends who are heroes, Ken instead possesses obscure healing magic and is sent to train with the kingdom’s healer squad. Much to his dismay, Ken soon realises that his life in the healing squad is far from peaceful, especially when the squad is filled with muscular individuals led by crazy healer.

This show is definitely an isekai gem as far as we are concerned. The pacing, tone and animation is great and successfully juggles between comedic and dramatic moments. While there are some exaggerations, all the characters are relatable and likable. This show also refuses to go down the over-powered route as we see how Usato is constantly tortured— I mean, trained by his captain. This show is a cliché isekai, but it is a cliché isekai done properly and well worth the watch.

8. Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy Season 2

In this second season of Tsukimichi, Makoto Misumi needs to adapt to his new role as a teacher in Rostgard and the increasing responsibilities as lord of the demiplane. We also get to see how both his actions as well as his fellow heroes’ actions impact the world they are summoned to.

Another fantastic isekai anime, Tsukimichi thrives on its writing and Season 2 does not disappoint. This season continues its tradition of excellent writing, animation, and voice-acting. While Makoto was front and centre in Season 1, Season 2 gives more time for the side characters to shine and develop. The world building is also fleshed out and provides a sense of exploration as we follow the characters on their individual adventures.

7.  Brave Bang Bravern!

In the near future, humanoid weapons known as Titatonostrider (TS) are being introduced to modern day warfare. Ao Isami and several other members of the Japanese army are having military drills with Americans in Oahu, Hawaii, when suddenly aliens attack the world. Just as they start despairing, a futuristic alien robot known as Bravern enlists Isami’s help to fight back the aliens and save Earth.

Definitely one of the best hidden gems of this season, Brave Bang Bravern is unlike any other giant robot shows that were recently released or currently airing. Unlike most gritty and dark mecha shows, this one is extremely funny, chaotic, high-energy, and surreal. The animation is wonderful, the character designs are fantastic, and the action is immensely enjoyable. There really is nothing we can nit-pick about this show. We strongly encourage you to give it a go.

6. Ninja Kamui

Joe Higan is a former ninja hiding in rural America with his family. However, his peaceful life is shattered when his family is brutally murdered by cyborg assassins from his former organisation. Filled with rage, Joe begins his journey of vengeance and pits his ancient ninja skills against high-tech modern day ninjas, cyborgs, and omnipresent mega corporations.

Ninja Kamui has the aesthetics of Blade Runner, the brutality and action of John Wick, and the voice of Kenjirou Tsuda. Despite its straightforward plot, the beautiful animation and excellent combat sequences elevate this show to a whole new level. This anime does feel more like a movie than a TV show due to its use of cinematic angles, western music and surround sound. While we are tempted to rank this show higher on this list, we decide to put in in 6th place as it is a late addition to the season.

5. A Sign of Affection

The soundless life of Yuki Itose is forever changed after she meets Itsuomi Nagi, a dashing globe trotter who is also a fellow university student. She soon falls deeply in love and is introduced to a much wider and brighter world than she originally imagined.

A welcome addition to this season, A Sign of Affection introduces the unique concept of a deaf adult female protagonist falling in love with someone who is completely different. The sweet and light-hearted nature of this anime makes this show a much welcome breather to an action-packed season. The character designs are also gorgeous and the use of sound (or lack thereof) also ties in well to nature of this show.

4. Solo Levelling

In the future, portals linked to other dimensions start appearing on Earth, but humanity is eventually saved by hunters – humans that possess superpowers. Sung Jin-woo is known as the weakest E-rank hunter, but an ill-fated dungeon run changes his life when he comes across a mysterious system which enables him to grow stronger without limits.

One of the most highly anticipated Korean manhwa adaptations and also known as the granddaddy of the tower-levelling genre, the anime adaptation of Solo Levelling does not disappoint. The animation is solid and the artwork stays true to the original manhwa, and the music and soundtrack is also well-timed. The detail and chorography also pays testament to the amount of effort A1-Pictures puts in to animating the battle scenes.

3. Mashle: Magic and Muscles – The Divine Visionary Candidate Exam Arc

Picking up from where Season 1 left off, Mashle now needs to ace the Divine Visionary Candidate Exam in order to preserve his life. However, other unsavoury parties also seem to take more interest in him and decide to interfere in his exam.

Mashle Season 1 was weird, wild, and silly, and now Season 2 is weirder, wilder, and sillier. There is nothing we can critique about this show. The animation, art, and sound is superb and impeccable as always. The consistency of animation and quality in this show makes it a joy to watch. Its opening song is also definitely the most memorable of this season, and potentially for 2024 even.

2. Delicious in Dungeon

After an adventuring mishap, Laios is determined to head down into the bowels of the magical dungeon to save his sister Falin from a dragon. He soon faces further setbacks in the form off his allies leaving and being strapped for cash. Despite facing the prospect of starvation in the dungeon, Senshi, a dwarven warrior joins Laios’ team and shortly shows them the bounty of the dungeon is beyond what they originally imagined.

A light-hearted original fantasy story, Delicious in Dungeon is a truly unique and refreshing take on adventuring in a magical dungeon. While food and edible dungeon monsters are certainly key highlights of the show, the characters are undoubtedly what makes this anime shine. Every character, be it person or monster, are all memorable and quirky in their own ways. This anime also has the best worldbuilding compared to other shows on this list.

1.   The Dangers in My Heart Season 2

Ichikawa and Yamada’s continual discovery of their relationship in Season 2 leads to more shenanigans, misunderstandings, and heart-warming moments with one another. While this show may not be completely original, this anime is nevertheless enjoyable and never ceases to put a smile on our faces.

The characters do take small yet incremental growth in their confidence and boldness in expressing themselves. Well-animated, wholesome, emotional and heart-warming, The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 is definitely an unmissable show for both romcom and non-romcom lovers alike.

That is all I have for this review. I believe there is something on this list for everyone. If you think we missed out anything, check out our honorary mentions for the Winter 2024 season or leave us a comment!

Until next time, happy watching!

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