Honkai Impact 3rd’s Forest Capriccio Online Concert: A Trip Down Memory Lane

On the 29th of July, THE MAGIC RAIN had the chance to participate in Honkai Impact 3rd’s official watch party at TGV Cinema Sunway Velocity. Only a selected few were able to get their hands on the tickets to the event, but all attendees were loyal fans of the game nonetheless. We would like to thank INKOL for the invite and opportunity to participate in this rare fan gathering.

The Performance

The whole concert was carefully and cleverly put together by the HoYoverse staff, presented in a storytelling format from one arc to another. It featured both singers and musicians alike, accompanied by stunning visual effects specially catered to fit the theme of the soundtrack. Familiar songs were played, while visuals went over the main cast and their pivotal moments in the Honkai Impact 3rd story. 

Amongst the playlist, there were three notable songs that really made an emotional impact on the audience. The first being Rubia, performed by Chengzhen Meng (vocal) and the Chongqing Grand Theatre Children’s Philharmonic Choir (instrumental). The screen showcased Kiana’s effort of saving Fu Hua after deciding to seal off the Herrscher. 

Next, the theme song of Kevin Kaslana, performed by Yirui Liu told the story of Kevin Kaslana and how he lost everything in order to destroy Honkai for the sake of humanity no matter the cost. This song successfully brought the crowd to tears and was definitely one of the highlights of the concert. 

Last but not least, the infamous song from the series, Da Capo performed by 蔡近翰 Zoe. The performance showed how Honkai Impact 3rd started and evolved into the story we see today, almost like bringing the audience on a trip down memory lane. Hoyoverse also sneaked in a compilation of comments/wishes from players across the world near the end of the song. No doubt that this was the perfect way to end the session! 

The Fans

Passion is energy, this is no exception to the Honkai Impact 3rd fans in Malaysia. Many fans brought their highest expectations to the concert and they were not disappointed. You can see that they truly enjoyed the performance from the bottom of their hearts through the various smiles and tears on their faces.

There were also fans amongst the organisers themselves. They went out of their way to create a Honkai Impact 3rd flag, where all the attendees were encouraged to leave their signature on the flag as a memorial of the watch party and fan gathering.

There were also featured cosplayers who dressed up as Honkai Impact 3rd characters like Susannah, Seele, Elysia, and Bronya. Fans had the chance to have a photo taken with the cosplayers at the event.

Overall, the concert successfully captivated the audience and brought most to tears. We believe that everyone who attended the event all left with a pleasant experience. What did you think of the concert? Let us know in the comments below!

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