Fortnite Ranked Mode Is Here: Launch Date, Competitive Seasons & Rewards

Ranked mode is coming to Fortnite’s Battle Royale and Zero Build modes and the highest rank is called Unreal — seriously. The new competitive mode drops together with the v24.40 patch on May 17, 2023 (ET) and lasts until the end of Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3.

So ready your victory emotes: we’re here to answer every question you have about Fortnite Ranked Play before it drops.

When does Ranked Play begin?

Fortnite Ranked Play drops immediately on May 17, 2023 (ET) together with the v24.40 patch. This also marks the start of Ranked Season Zero which lasts until the end of Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3. This pre-launch season will act as a testing ground for Fortnite to make adjustments and improvements leading up to the normal Battle Royale Season schedule.

How do I join ranked games?

For now, Ranked Play is only available in Battle Royale for Solo, Duos, and Squads, and in Zero Build for Duos. For brand new Fortnite accounts, players will need to complete a quest to “Outlast 500 opponents” before Ranked Play is enabled.

To join ranked games, go to the Lobby and set “Ranked” to “On”. This will automatically queue you into games with other players who have Ranked enabled. In the Lobby, you can also see your current rank and progress bar to the left of the screen.

How does the ranking system work?

Fortnite’s ranks from lowest to highest are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion, and Unreal. Bronze through Diamond will have three sub-ranks, while Elite through Unreal will only have one main rank.

In Season Zero, you will have two starting ranks for Battle Royale and Zero Build modes respectively. These ranks will be determined based on your past match performance, and your performance in your first Ranked match. Unlike other games, you will only need to play one Ranked match in each game mode to reveal your rank.

How do I rank up?

Once you receive your initial rank, you have the opportunity to rank up and down depending on your match placement out of 100 players. Number of eliminations is also taken into account, with eliminations later in the match counting more than eliminations early in the match. Eliminating higher ranked players also carries more weight.

Interestingly, players who reach Unreal Rank will stay in Unreal for the rest of the Ranked Season regardless of their future performance. From there, they can compete among other Unreal players globally to become the Number 1 Unreal player in the world.

How does matchmaking work with friends?

If you’re playing in Duos or Squads, your team will have a party rank equivalent to the rank of the highest-ranked teammate (e.g. if a team consists of Silver I and Gold I players, they will matchmake as a Gold I team and play against similarly ranked teams).

Although you will have a party rank, you will still maintain your individual rank. However, all team members will gain and lose progress equally based on team eliminations and team placements at the end of each match. So if you’re looking to catch up in ranks, solo grinding is the way to go for now.

Will there be in-game rewards for Ranked Play?

EXP-grinders may be excited to know that Ranked Play comes with Ranked Urgent Quests, which you can complete to unlock Seasonal cosmetic rewards. A new quest is given every match, and quest progress doesn’t carry over between matches.

By participating in Season Zero, you will also earn a Burn Bright Emote which you can activate to show off your current rank colour (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold).

Will you be checking out Fortnite Ranked Play when it drops this 17 May? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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