Overwatch 2 Season 4 Features A Space Opera Battle Pass, New In-Game Events & More

Launch your Battle.net accounts and kickstart that pre-download, because Overwatch 2 Season 4 drops tomorrow with a shiny new space-themed battle pass, in-game events, and a Mythic Galactic Emperor Sigma skin. Here’s every single update dropping this 11th April.

New Battle Pass: Lifeweaver, Mythic Sigma Skin & More In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

To infinity and beyond! Wait, that’s the wrong franchise. Overwatch 2 Season 4 features a space opera-themed battle pass with a galaxy’s worth of new skins, cosmetics, and a brand new Support Hero at the center of it all. Buying the Premium Battle Pass not only instantly unlocks Lifeweaver, but also unlocks the Mythic Galactic Emperor Sigma customisable skin.

Hero Tweaks: Brigitte’s Rally Gets Reworked

Season 4 also includes some crucial hero balance updates. Most importantly, Brigitte’s ultimate ability is reworked to give her an increased shield size and health, the ability to stun with the shield, and a fixed amount of recoverable armor. On the side, Sigma, Reinhardt, and Cassidy are getting their lethality debuffed this season, while Mercy is getting her Season 3 changes reverted.

Until 25 April: B.O.B and Weave Game Mode

To celebrate the launch of Lifeweaver and Thai New Year, there will be an all-new arcade mode named B.O.B. and Weave. In this 3v3 Deathmatch, everyone plays Lifeweaver and each team receives a single B.O.B. that can be pulled around the map using Life Grip to eliminate your enemies. Completing event challenges will earn you a special Lifeweaver skin and Thai New Year rewards!

25 April to 1 May: Fan-Made Talantis Map

Talon’s secret underwater lair, Talantis, comes to life in arcade mode for a limited time. This fan-collaborated control map was designed as part of the “Twitch Makes Overwatch” livestream last December, hosted by Director Aaron Keller and Art Director Dion Rogers.

9 May to 22 May: Starwatch New Comic & Game Mode

It’s Watchers versus the Infinite Empire in the new PvP game mode, Starwatch: Galactic Rescue! Taking place on a reworked Horizon Lunar Colony, assemble a team of four heroes and battle your way through themed objectives and surprises. Premium Battle Pass owners will get to unlock space-themed cosmetics based on the event, while there will also be free rewards for everyone as you complete Starwatch challenges.

23 May to 29 May: Battle for Olympus Game Mode Returns!

Back by popular demand, the Battle for Olympus game mode and all our favourite deities are back for a limited time only. Battle for Olympus will also be available as a Team Deathmatch ruleset this season.

23 May to 29 May: Gardener Symmetra Challenge

In the spirit of Spring, join the Symmetra Challenge this season to earn an Epic Gardener Symmetra skin. Although little else is known about the challenge, Overwatch 2 hints at their “ongoing goal to bring hope for the future” and “bring new events later this season that brings us together as a community.”

1 June Onward: Overwatch 2 Pride Event

Last but not least, Overwatch 2 will be hosting their first ever Pride event starting 1 June. More details will be revealed later in the season, but all we can say is, it’s about time!

For more information about Season 4, watch the full trailer here.

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