Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise Adds Brie Larson, Spider-Gwen & Chrome Splash

A new Fortnite Battle Royale chapter is here, and it’s all about Chrome. No, not the internet browser. The iridescent, kind of goopy metallic substance that has appeared all over the Island, and probably spells doom story-wise — but introduces a ton of new gameplay mechanics, weapons, and landmarks that will make this season shine.

Let’s recap the biggest additions to the game in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise.

New Story: Brie Larson confirmed as The Paradigm

After months of speculation, Fortnite revealed Brie Larson as The Paradigm in the cinematic trailer for Chapter 3 Season 4. It’s no secret that Epic Games has the budget to hire some of the best actors in the industry right now, and the actress joins an already-stacked voice cast including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as The Foundation, Rahul Kohli as The Origin, Joel McHale as The Scientist, and Cherami Leigh Kuehn as The Imagined.

In the trailer, The Paradigm looks to be the sole survivor among The Seven as The Scientist, The Origin, and The Visitor get rapidly absorbed and transformed into Chrome. As she escapes the Chrome attack, her suit locks onto the Zero Point in Loot Lake and aligns with Reality 659, presumably transporting her to another Reality where she can find help. The trailer closes out with The Herald, watching ominously over the Island.

New Skins: Spider-Gwen, Lennox Rose & The Herald

This season’s Battle Pass features Spider-Gwen as the final reward, plus a variant style with her iconic blonde locks as a Bonus Reward. But before you reach the elusive Page 10, there are plenty of new skins to unlock along the way — including Bytes, Grriz, Meow Skulls, Lennox Rose, Twyn, and The Paradigm.

The Herald will also be an unlockable skin for Battle Pass owners, although there doesn’t seem to be any customisable skins (e.g. Snap) or weapons (e.g. Omni Sword) like the previous seasons.

New Weapons: Chrome Splash, EvoChrome Weapons & Stronger Snipers

Chrome Splash is easily the biggest game-changer of the season. Throw them against walls to make them permeable and catch opponents off guard, or throw down a Chrome Splash to become a Chrome blob for a limited time. Being Chrome means you’ll be immune to fire damage and fall damage, and gain the ability to run faster and air dash. Dashing into a wall causes it to Chrome-ify and allows you to phase through.

The EvoChrome Shotgun and EvoChrome Burst Rifle are also now available in Chrome Chests. The weapon’s rarity increases the more you damage opponents with them, so try to take them from Uncommon all the way to Mythic. Not to forget, all Sniper weapons have their damage and headshot multipliers increased — so Sniper fans rejoice!

New Items: Vault Keys & Port-A-Bunkers

Use Keys you find around the Island to unlock Vaults containing loot. Low-Security Vaults require only one Key to unlock, whereas High-Security Vaults require two and contain even more loot. Keyhole signs will appear on your map once you collect a Key, so you’ll immediately know where to go next.

Meanwhile, the Port-A-Bunker replaces the Port-A-Fort this season. Throw one down to create an instant 1×1 structure with reinforced metal walls, a versatile ramp, doors, and defensive tires — no extra building required!

New Landmarks: Cloudy Condos & Herald’s Sanctum

Two new landmarks have appeared on the map this season. Starting with Condo Canyon, now known as Cloudy Condos, players can use a D-Launcher to get to higher ground and attack from above. Players will also get to ascend Herald’s Sanctum near the abandoned Sanctuary. This acts as the new headquarters for this season’s villain, so make sure to check it out.

New Move: Slide Kick!

One final but fun note: Players now have the ability to knock back opponents when you slide right into them. Happy sliding!

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