Tears of Themis Launches New Event, ‘Mysteries of the Lost Gold’

miHoYo dropped a brand new limited-time event for Tears of Themis, and it promises even more rewards and stories than the last one.

‘Mysteries of the Lost Gold’ centers around the fictional island of Nosta, where the lost treasure of the Great Gold Heist is rumoured to be located. When Marius organises an exclusive treasure hunt on the island, the NXX team tag along each for their own reasons. 

Throughout the event, the player will team up with different members of NXX to explore the four regions of Nosta: Beach, Woods, Mountains and Outer Islands. Completing event tasks will allow players to earn Hunter’s Badges which can be exchanged for a myriad of rewards at Graduate, Junior, and Senior levels. 

You can collect Hunter’s Badges through…

  • 1st clear of story chapters 
  • Task List & Daily Tasks 
  • Mediation Stages 
  • Land Survey Stages (Complete 100% of map tasks) 
  • Urgent Survey Stages (Defeat other contestants) 

In order to unlock more stages, Work Orders must be completed under Supply

Adding event-limited SSR and R cards to your deck will also increase the drop amount of Hunter’s Badges. The qualifying cards are: 

  • Luke SSR “Iridescent Heartbeat” 
  • Artem SSR “Dreamful Melodies” 
  • Vyn SSR “Heartful Suspense” 
  • Marius SSR “In The Darkness” 
  • Luke R “All Ready” 
  • Artem R “Here For You” 
  • Vyn R “Another Side of You” 
  • Marius R “Practice Makes Perfect” 

There will also be an increased draw rate for the SSR cards above. After the event is over, these cards will no longer be obtainable. That’s why, you should make sure to take advantage of the S-Chip x 1,440 exchange for Tears of Themis – Pursuit x 10 which can be done a total of 6 times.  

The ‘Mysteries of the Lost Gold’ event ends on 27 September 2021, so make sure to catch it before it’s gone! For more content like this, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube for more.

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