10 Anime You Should Binge On Netflix In 2021

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Anime is being produced with different animation styles and unique plots every year, especially on Netflix. There are too many choices out there that give rise to confusion for new fans, but no worries, because we have got you covered. Here is a list of the best anime to binge on Netflix today.

Starting from number 10, we have:

10. God Eater

Produced by Ufotable, God Eater is based on an original video game of the same name. Set in the year 2071, its story revolves around humanity fighting Aragami Monsters which are produced by Oracle cells. Humanity’s last resort is  Fenrir where God Eaters, humans with oracle cell abilities and weapons, live. The weapon wielded by these warriors is called God Arc.

Lenka Utsugi, a young man, ends up in Fenrir to become a God Eater with the sole purpose of destroying the Aragami. The whole anime has an interesting and mystery-oriented plot with a beautiful art style. If you’re a fan of the original video game then this should be a must-watch. It consists of 1 season and 13 episodes in total.

9. Yasuke

Yasuke is an original Netflix anime based on a historical figure of the same name. Yasuke was a warrior of African descent who served under Japanese “Daimyo Oda Nobunaga” during the “Sengoku” period of the samurai conflict in 16th century Japan. Its story was created by LeSean Thomas and produced by the Japanese studio MAPPA.

The whole anime revolves around Yasuke as he travels the world to save his beloved ones from the forces of Yami no Daimyo, set in an alternate world with magic and advanced technology. The anime has some great animation and an interesting storyline. However, since it is set in an alternative timeline, do not expect it to be 100% historically accurate. The anime consists of 1 season and 6 episodes in total.

8. Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist is based on the manga and is produced by studio A-1 Pictures. The whole anime revolves around exorcists and their struggle to protect their world from Satan and his followers. Rin Okumura, the main protagonist of this series, was an ordinary high school student until one day, he finds out about his true identity as the son of Satan who wishes to possess him and invade the human world.

His foster father Shiro Fujimoto dies protecting him from this fate. From this day onward, he decides to become a demon exorcist and defeat his biological father. This anime has a unique plot and stunning animation with a mystery plot. The anime has 2 seasons and 37 episodes in total.

7. One Punch Man

One-Punch Man is based on a manga of the same name, produced by studio Madhouse. Its plot revolves around the strongest man in the world and his adventures to find an intimidating foe for him. Saitama was an ordinary man but due to his hard work and insane workout regime, he became the most powerful man in the world (and lost all of his hair in the process.)

He is called One Punch Man because he defeats his enemies with only a single punch, and he is greatly loved by his fans due to this overwhelming strength and his funny reactions. The anime consists of a unique and fun-looking animation style and lies on the entertaining side of things. It has 2 seasons and 24 episodes in total.

6. Magi: Adventure Of Sinbad

Magi: Adventure Of Sinbad is based on a manga and produced by the studio Lay-duce. The anime follows a boy with mysterious abilities and his potential to become a king while adventuring and conquering the seven seas. The anime is a spin-off and prequel of Magi: Labyrinth Of Magic.

The anime features Badr, an ex-soldier who has been through devastating wars and now lives with his kind wife Esra. After several years, a boy was born in their house which creates a rift in Rukh, the home of souls. That boy was Sinbad, the main protagonist who conquers the dungeons while making new friends and exploring this vast world. The anime has stunning animation and a strong storyline. The anime has 1 season and 13 episodes in total. However, its prequel has 2 seasons and 50 episodes in total.

5. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is an anime series produced by studio A-1 Pictures. Its plot follows gamers all over the world who are stuck into an online virtual MMORPG game with their lives at stake. Kirigaya Kazuto is the main male protagonist of the anime who is a die-hard fan of this fully virtual game called “SAO”. He dives into the game hoping to enjoy the latest technology of “Nerve Gear” but he ends up in an unimaginable situation.

“Dying in this game will result in death in the real world. The only way out is to clear the game.” With these conditions in place, the players must work out together to clear the game, but a hidden group of malicious people working in the shadows might become a hurdle in their quest. The anime has a beautiful and eye-catching art style and a great soundtrack. Its unique storyline is what makes this anime one of the best in the isekai genre. The anime consists of 3 seasons and 96 episodes in total.

4. The Way Of Househusband

The Way Of Househusband is an anime released on Netflix and produced by Studio J.C. Staff. The whole anime revolves around the daily life of an ex-yakuza member as a househusband and his humorous incidents throughout his days. Tatsu is the main protagonist of the series. He was famous for being the yakuza who single-handedly defeated a rival group with a mere pipe. After this incident, his name terrified various gangs and even policemen.

Several years later, he reappears but with a different look and job. Tatsu has left the world of violence and has started his peaceful life as a househusband with an apron and knife. Throughout the series, he finds that being a househusband has his own responsibilities and struggles, thus he starts his effort to become a perfect househusband.The anime has an interesting and humorous plot with decent animation. If you are a fan of GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) then this anime will surely please you. It consists of 1 season and 5 episodes in total.

3. Tokyo Ghoul

Photo by netflix.com

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most famous anime, based on a manga produced by “Studio Pierrot”. Its story follows the life of an ordinary book-loving student, Ken Kaneki, who discovers the harsh truth about a frequent customer when she turns him into a ghoul and his struggles to live as a ghoul begins.

This thriller, mystery anime series beautifully captures his struggle and quest to distinguish between right and wrong. It is famous due to its great storyline, animation, and most of all, its soundtrack (especially its catchy and energetic opening score.) It also has a long list of loveable and impactful characters. Each character is very well-written which makes the show more interesting as newer characters are introduced. It has 3 seasons with a total of 48 episodes.

2. Code Geass

Code Geass is an anime produced by studio Sunrise, revolving around the Empire of Britannia and the conquered Japan as its colony. Lelouch Lamperouge is the main protagonist of the series who meets “C.C”, the main female protagonist of the series who grants Lelouch a Geass which can control the mind of people.

C.C. is a popular character and considered a perfect “waifu” among fans and otakus in general, whereas Lelouch is a great strategist who becomes unstoppable with the power of Geass. The whole anime series has a great storyline and well-written characters. The anime series consists of 2 seasons consisting of 48 episodes in total.

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1. Death Note

Death Note is a famous anime based on a manga of the same name. It is produced by the studio Madhouse, and revolves around the life of a high school student after acquiring the Death Note as he executes his justice-based ideals on people using the book’s power. The anime’s main character, Light Yagami, is a top student with excellent grades and high morals, and he believes that only just people have the right to live.

When he picks up a notebook called Death Note dropped into the human world by a god of death named Ryuk and finds out about its insane power, he then sets out to create his ideal world free of criminals and sinful people. The anime has a very intricately crafted plot that often deals with various philosophical dilemmas surrounding justice. It is a must-watch for any anime fan out there. The anime consists of 1 season and 37 episodes in total.

Which of these anime will you be adding to your watch-list? Leave us a comment with your pick below!

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