DEAN FUJIOKA’s ‘History Maker’ Is Back With An Official Music Video

“Yuri!!! on Ice”‘s success as an anime is internationally known and it is no secret how the anime has influenced and introduced the world of figure skating to the general public. The opening of the anime, “History Maker” was even played in the opening ceremony of the 2017-18 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals in Nagoya!

After 2 years from the end of said anime, the opening song has finally been made into a Music Video featuring the singer DEAN FUJIOKA under the label of A-Sketch MUSIC LABEL.

The release of the music video was in conjunction with DEAN FUJIOKA’s second album release entitled “History In The Making” on the 30th of January. His album will have a mix of songs in Japanese, English and Chinese.

Here’s the music video for History Maker:

Here is the promotional video for his new album “History In The Making”:

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