Limited Edition “Kingdom Hearts III” PS4 Pro Design Will Be Available In Malaysia

As if we weren’t hyped enough for Kingdom Hearts III as it is, Sony confirmed that the Limited Edition PS4 Pro with a “Kingdom Hearts III” design will be coming to our shores on 29th January 2019! So start raking up those brownie points with your dad or work more part-time jobs because this PS4 Pro will come at a hefty price of MYR 2,049.

This little bundle of joy is a 1TB PS4 Pro with a design that every KH fan will be familiar with, such as the heart shape, crown, and keyblade weapons adorned on its surface. This iconic design is also made more attractive with its silver foil finishing and a custom emblem on the lower left side of the console. The design just makes a fan’s heart swoon.

The design will also be incorporated into the PS4 Pro’s DualShock 4 wireless controller touchpad. No doubt the design matches the console perfectly. Of course, like every bundle, a Kingdom Hearts 3 English version will be included and with it comes a KH3 limited edition PS4 theme and custom in-game keyblade weapon so we can kill heartless with Donald, Goofy, and Sora in style.

Looks like the money I put away for KH3 will no longer be enough. Time to grind more IRL monies. 

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