Tsukiuta The Animation Season 2 Reveals Their Cast & Staff List

On November 2018, it was announced that Tsukiuta The Animation will return once more with a new season this 2019. The exact date or season it will be broadcast is still unknown but what has been revealed so far is the staff and cast list.

For this new season, they have decided to revamp their staff list from the first season with only Fujiwara (Movic) and Jiku remaining as the original story creator and character designer respectively. The notable difference is the switch between Studio Pierrot and Children’s Playground Entertainment as the animation production studio. Children’s Playground Entertainment was the production studio for both Citrus and Cerberus.

The director replacing Kawasaki Itsuro will be Nishimoto Yukio who was formerly the unit director for Fairy Tail The Movie: The Phoenix Priestess and one of the storyboard and episode directors of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Takahashi Natsuko, formerly known for her works, 07-Ghost and Brothers Conflict will be joining the team and be in charge of series composition. Character designs are assigned to both Chiba Michinori, character designer for Mobile Suit Gundam and Yokoyama Ai, character designer for Bayonetta: Bloody Fate. The voice acting cast remains the same.

It is also known through their company’s twitter account that there will be new stage costumes for the Tsukiuta cast which are currently in preparation.

Source: Tsuki Ani Official Twitter Account

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