Hatsune Miku: Seraphim On The Ring – Vocaloid Spotlight

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“Beauties of violence coming from the breakdowns of life, challenging the strongest ever Amazones! The time has come, that’s it! The gong has rung! FIGHT!!”

Have you ever felt like an outcast? That you couldn’t belong anywhere in this society and because of it, you decided to join professional wrestling? Mitchie M’s music featuring Hatsune Miku is all about that. Paired with an animated music video, Seraphim On The Ring really sends a shock wave of passion through its listeners.

Coming down from their angelic rise, we have the Cutie Angels, featuring Angel Miku and Cutie Kagamine! As their team name implies, their costumes are made with light and cutesy colors, having a wonderful contrast between yellow, blue and pink.

Additionally, the extra touch of wing-themed aesthetics further pushes the vocaloid’s angelic theme to its fullest. Aside from that, they have the common protective gear for professional wrestlers such as fist guards, leg guards and some elbow/knee pads. These innocent set of girls are bound to capture many fans in their upcoming matches.

Their opponents, dubbed as the strongest Amazonians ever: Devil Meiko and Kraken Luca are the presumed defending champions of the ring. Taking a challenge from the Cutie Angels, these Amazonians are a force to be reckoned with. Their costume design is devilishly sexy, using black, pink and red as their main color scheme.

As the name suggests, Devil Meiko’s costume comes with a cupid’s tail while Kraken Luca’s costume doesn’t resemble much of a Kraken with that left bat wing on her head. Both contenders are slaying with thigh-high stockings, slick lightning face paint and a one piece costume that comes with the common safety gear. Standing provokingly against the Cutie Angels, they are ready to drop some mayhem.

Supporting characters include referee Len and the ever passionate and hot-blooded, ringside commentator KAITO.

Our Thoughts

We don’t want to spoil too much for you so we’ll say it, JUST WATCH IT FIRST before reading on. Here’s the link to music video:

Onto our thoughts: I love how the story setting revolves around Miku and Rin, going through past hardships and slowly becoming pro-wrestlers. The lyrics are eccentric and play a huge role in telling both the protagonists’ backstory. 

Can I just talk about this for a moment, like, don’t you just hate it when a bunch of penguins bully you and you decide to get stronger by becoming a pro-wrestler? I can totally relate to that. Those penguin jerks, poor Rin.

Jokes aside, credits to Tsukasa Ryugu and Tosao (TSO) for their part on the illustration and video respectively. The animation style is really smooth and lighthearted and innocent despite being about Pro Wrestlers. Many move sets you see in the music video has familiar elements taken from actual pro-wrestling moves!

Devil Meiko and Kraken Luca’s Double Lariat!

Overall, Seraphim On The Ring gives us that modern nostalgic feeling when Vocaloid was popular. With the new and upgraded VOCALOID software, This music video is one example of how entertaining a Vocaloid song can be when it’s composed with the right tuning.

Story wise, Seraphim On The Ring simply brings comedic joy and a slice of life genre to its audience. If you’re into synthesized electro-punk combined with “bright” angle animation, this jam is a great way to start up your day.

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