Get Your Game On @ Level Up KL 2019!

If you’re a gamer, and you have an itch to scratch when it comes to gaming events, scratch no longer! Level Up KL is coming back for its 5th year, and this time, it’s open to everybody for the very first time.

But what is Level Up KL?

For the past 4 years, Level Up KL has been the premier event for the gaming industry in Malaysia. Here, game companies and developers – whether local or international – come together and share their games, technological advancements, and even network with each other behind closed doors. With the lightning quick rise of the gaming industry in Malaysia, part of it can be attributed to Level Up and its contributions.

This year, Level Up KL is trying something different. The event is now being split into 2 different events: one that caters to businesses, and one for the general public. The popularity of gaming among the populace can no longer be ignored, and to now, have an event that celebrates this will be a pleasant experience for everyone. The two events are named Level Up KL Biz and Level Up KL Play.

Biz will be happening on the 6-8th of November, at Connexion Conference & Exhibition Centre (CCEC), Nexus Bangsar South, while Play will be on the 9th and 10th of November, at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)

Which Level Up KL should I go for?

A very good question, and one that will now be quickly answered.

It depends on what you want to see. Are you interested in the inner workings of the games industry, have a passion for game design and development, or wish to be a game developer yourself in the future? Well, then you’d want to go for Level Up KL Biz.

On the other hand, if you’re just a gamer at heart and want to see all the new releases, updates, or you want to test your mettle against others in e-sports, then Level Up KL Play will be your cup of tea.

What to expect at Level Up KL Biz

It’s (Biz)ness as usual (get it?) for these 3 days, as this event continues the initial path of Level Up KL, to bring businesses and developers together to network, as well as showcase new products and technologies being brought to the industry.

Level Up KL will be focusing on 4 different tracks, and anyone that has a specific interest will be able to follow one track in order to streamline the experience. These tracks are: Production, Biz & Marketing, Esports, and Indie. Each track will have different keynotes, hosted by a multitude of renowned speakers, that further insight into each of these specific arms of the industry.

Renowned is definitely the right word to use here, as some of the speakers come from large companies, such as Riot, Unity and even Marvel. One of the major highlights is a keynote from the founder and CEO of Larian Studios, Swen Vincke, and you might know the name from cult classic titles such as Baldur’s Gate or Divinity: Original Sin.

There will also be a Business Connection Program, where you’ll be able to connect and network with other video game companies, and hopefully create new business relationships that will increase your power levels in the video gaming industry.

Alongside that, there will be exhibitors and showcases from a variety of companies eager to display their products, so if you’re coming in with a lot of passion for what goes on behind the scenes of the industry, be sure to check them out.

Finally, the SEA Game Awards will also be happening on the night of the final day of the event.

Admission will not be cheap however, should you decide to go. Because this event is primarily for businesses and those relevant to the industry, tickets range from RM400 for early bird bookings, to RM800 for walk-ins. You may register for free as an expo visitor, but this will limit you to only exhibitors and showcases.

What to expect at Level Up KL Play

This is the main attraction for the rest of you; those that just want to attend, play games and have a good time. With all five KLCC’s halls packed to the brim with content, you definitely won’t find a shortage of activities and things to do.

Something special that will be happening this year is a ceremony to send off our athletes to this year’s SEA Games. This will be the first ever year that the SEA Games has tournaments specifically for e-Sports, which makes it a very special occasion. The athletes will be flagged off by none other than our Minister of Youth & Sports, YB Syed Saddiq.

At the event, attendees will be able to view and try out a whole bunch of Malaysian games from independent game studios, such as the real-time mobile horror game Simulacra 2, the Ejen Ali official video game, early access to Re:Legend, and of course, the international award-winning music game No Straight Roads.

If you’re looking to pursue game design and development as a career or study path, there is also a career zone where game companies like Lemon Sky Studios and Bandai Namco will be opening up recruitment drives, while academic institutions such as KDU, Clazroom, The One Academy and UNDO Academy will be promoting their game design courses.

Aside from games, there will also be exhibitors from different branches of the industry. Game companies, game stores, gaming media outlets, and even gaming technology will be making an appearance at Level Up KL Play

Last but not least, Level Up KL Play will be the honourable hosts for the Video Game Orchestra, happening for the very first time in Kuala Lumpur. There will be scores of famous soundtracks from well-known games, and you’ll be able to purchase tickets right now! General tickets will cost you RM108, but if you want to enter the Meet & Greet with these bands, it’ll set you back RM228.

Tickets for Level Up KL Play are still on sale now, with early bird tickets costing RM20 for both days, while walk-in tickets will be RM10 per day. If you purchase the early bird tickets, you’ll also be eligible to redeem a free SIM card from Unifi Mobile, with LTE speeds and unlimited free data for one entire month. Definitely something you don’t want to miss out on.

That about covers all of what’s going to be going down at Level Up KL. Don’t miss this chance to be part of Malaysia’s largest games exhibition! Book your tickets now and we’ll see you there at the No Straight Roads booth!

For more information about the event, check out their Facebook page @lvlupkualalumpur.

To follow our adventures at Level Up KL, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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