Cosplay Commuter 2019 Brings Frights To Train Stations

Please stand behind the yellow line, because Cosplay Commuter 2019 has reached a train station near you! THE MAGIC RAIN’s first-of-its-kind, team-based cosplay event returned for its 3rd year in a row. This time, with the theme “horror”.

Happening on 19th October at THE LINC KL and participating Kelana Jaya LRT stations, you would be able to witness zombies, monsters, and ghosts galore takeover the train stations for the day. With fun games, a ‘Thrilling’ flashmob, and an wholesome leg day in store, we hope it was a memorable time for our attendees!

Missed the train? Well, let us recap what went down that Saturday!

Train Station Activities

Cosplay Commuter would not be complete without the station activities. It is that one time of the year where you can ride on the LRT and feel special! Here’s some of our most interesting stations that you may or may not have missed.

Dance Off powered by Metronomik

Never danced before in your life? Now you can proudly say you have! This station was where attendees had to put their best moves forward and dance to iconic horror tracks like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and exclusive tunes from Metronomik’s yet to be released game No Straight Roads.

And if you were lucky, you would have even danced in front of Wan Hazmer as the station’s guest judge! The big brain behind No Straight Roads and the man who placed teh tarik into Final Fantasy XV made an appearance at the station for a short while.

Video Game Showdown 

Switch gears at this station, where we brought in Nintendo Switches  and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the attendees to show off their moves! Nothing beats a good game of versus battle. Would Kirby beat Cloud? Would Donkey Kong beat Pikachu? Doesn’t matter male or female – it all comes down to each individual’s skill!

Act It Out!

Words don’t matter at this station, only actions. Bring out the inner drama queen/king to act to a series of horror-inspired prompts. Some groups went above and beyond and really acted to their utmost best, giving us one of the most hilarious views of a lifetime. Hint hint: it was the “possessed” prompt.

Horror Trivia Party

Test the might of your mind, as teams are pitted against each other in a series of trivia. The twist is, only the winners will make it out alive. Reviving the old school Kahoot! quiz system – you can only imagine the competitive spirit they had to enter the main scoreboard.

Escape the Zombie

There’s only one rule to this game: Don’t get bitten! A horrific twist on the schoolyard game, Mother Hen, certainly made our adrenaline rush after visiting this station! For some, this was one of the most physically demanding stations that really tested their stamina, vitality and inner willpower. It’s a sign to head back to the gym, guys!

Zombie Flashmob

Groove to the beat as the sound of Michael Jackson’s Thriller resonated throughout the walkways of Pasar Seni and Abdullah Hukum! With our horror cosplay entourage led by Kiss Marry Kill, we managed to create a spook-tacular performance that drew the eyes of the public.

Off-Station Activities

Free to play board games, powered by Meeples

If station-hopping wasn’t your style, the main headquarters had some attractions to keep you company too! Meeples brought over some of the most fun, interesting and bizarre board games you have ever seen; all that you can try for free! There was even a board game called Quoridor, where you have to move your pawn to the opposite wall and block your opponents movements with a plank. That’s something you don’t see everyday.

No Straight Roads Demo + Photo Op

Too tired to head down to Pasar Seni for the their station activity? No worries, as the headquarters had its fair share of No Straight Roads activities too! There were 2 demos ready for gamers and non-gamers alike to try out what our Malaysian gaming industry has in store for us in the very, very near future. The photo op session was there too for anyone who wanted to pose alongside Mayday and Zeke, the two main protagonists of the game.

Vanguard Master Cup (VMC) Tournament powered by KC Distribution

70 participants from around Malaysia and even Brunei battled out in the Vanguard Master Cup Finals that was held at the headquarters of Cosplay Commuter 2019. It was a continuation from the shop qualifiers, so only the best of the best players were present for the showdown.

Using the 7 round swiss format, a triumphant 4 players came out victorious to gain some freebies and an official certificate from KC Distribution.

Guest Conductor Family! (feat. Kaori Lalachan, Jasmeme, Ai Nurul and Aliciasama 薇薇)

A special apocalypse team was sent out to board the scare trains. They were
Kaori Lalachan, Jasmeme, Ai Nurul, and Aliciasama 薇薇 ! Each of them really shone through as leaders and lead their team to victory especially team Aliciasama 薇薇. They even had a team cheer to keep spirits up. In the end, they all went back not only as teams but as a family

And that’s it, folks! For the third year in a row, we’re extremely honoured and happy to have the continuous support from our attendees. This year Cosplay Commuter would not have been a success without all of your support and enthusiasm. Give a big pat on your back as you have completed one of the best leg day course of your life!

We’ll see you at our next event!

– From all of us at THE MAGIC RAIN

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