Manga Highlight: Psyren


Artist:Toshiaki Iwashiro

Chapters: 145

Status: Complete

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Superpower, Mystery


A high school student, Ageha Yoshina, was chosen by a ringing pay phone to receive the mysterious calling card “Psyren”. The next day he was drawn into the world of Psyren, a wasteland inhabited by Monsters in which Nemesis Q, the mastermind behind it all, assigns missions to chosen humans to complete in order to go back home.

The Monsters prove to be dangerous and difficult to deal with. However, breathing the air of Psyren unlocks and alters the chosen humans to surpass their human limits and use all of their brain cells. They are now able to use PSI powers to combat Monsters and complete Nemesis Q’s missions. Follow Ageha and his new found friends as they fight through the world of Psyren and solve the mystery of Nemesis Q.

Our thoughts on Psyren

  1. The manga starts out as a horror sci-fi but soon evolves into a more typical action sci-fi. You can find horrifying monsters and post-apocalyptic landscapes in the manga as well as supernatural powers wielded by the protagonists.
  2. The story might come off as convoluted at times but as the plot progresses, more and more of the mystery comes to light and the reader will be able to understand the story fully by the end.
  3. The drawings are nothing special as it is quite commonly found in most other action / Shounen manga. Although the author does sometimes switch from normal drawings to chibi drawings to portray cute or funny moments.
  4. Psyren is very influenced by time travelling and sci-fi, thus keeping up with the plot and jargon might be a bit heavy. But I feel that the story is told in a manner that makes it easy for the readers to understand.
  5. It is easy to fall in love with the various characters as you get to know them. My personal favourite are the children that are introduced mid-way through the manga, each of them unique in their own way, both their personalities and their powers.

Trivia about Psyren

  1. The story was also made into two light novels, ‘Psyren: Another Call’, which tells various short stories of the protagonists, and ‘Psyren: Another Call 2’, which is an epilogue story detailing the future lives of the protagonists.
  2. The manga although not well known or popular, it is often regarded as one of the top sci-fi manga out there.

Verdict: Read it if you have the time

Although Psyren is a great sci-fi manga, there is nothing noticeable about it compared to the other Shounen manga out there. Still, it is worth your time to read the manga as the story telling and character progression may have a few surprises in store for you. All in all, it is a great manga that deserves a look into. Until next time!

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