Gintama Set to End in September

The popular long running series Gintama is about to end and many fans are in utter denial, but this time it’s real. The manga series is in the middle of its final arc and is set to end in just 3 more chapters with the final chapter being released on September 15th this year.

“Up until now, it’s been a constant cycle of ‘it’s gonna end’ over and over up until now, hasn’t it? It’s been like this for about three years, but no worries. I’m positive it will end this year — soon. Even if my arm gets modified into a psycho gun, it will end this year.” – Hideaki Sorachi

Gintama is set in the Edo-period except that in this timeline, it was invaded by aliens called “Amanto” (Sky people). The Shogun of the time period surrenders to the Amanto after realizing how powerful they are and became a puppet government to the Amanto.  A ban is placed on carrying swords in public in addition with swords taken away from the samurais so they could not revolt against the invaders. The plot of Gintama revolves around the eccentric samurai, Gintoki; samurai in training, Shinpachi; and an Amanto female, Kagura who does odd jobs in order to survive. This group is aptly named “Yorozuya” which means “We do anything”.

Being one of the most popular manga series since its debut in 2004, Gintama had amassed a large following of loyal fans. Its witty humour, intense drama and action always leaves fans wanting more even with the various TV series, film series, live action films and light novels. Gintama sure has a large amount of media to consume. With this amount of popularity, will the manga really end? And if it does, I am sure a spin-off will appear. I’m looking at you, Boruto. 

Many fans are skeptical and it’s understandable because it’s been hinting that it is going to end for many months now. So are you one of the many fans who are skeptical? Let us know in the comments.
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