Haikyuu!! Returns With Season 4 In September 2019

In conjunction with the anime’s 5th anniversary, Karasuno High School’s Volleyball Club members are back once more!

After two years of silence from the animated series, the production of a new series was confirmed during a stage presentation at Jump Fiesta 2019 event on Saturday. It is set to be released on September 2019 with a kickoff event on September 22nd.

The kickoff event will be discussing and connecting what Haikyuu!! has became and what it will be in the future. The event will be attended by the voice actors of the series; Murase Ayume as Hinata Shouyou, Ishikawa Kaito as Kageyama Tobio, Uchiyama Kouki as Tsukishima Kei, Saito Soma as Yamaguchi Tadashi, Kaji Yuki as Kozume Kenma and more.

Watch the official trailer here:

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