Haikyuu!! 6th Stage Play To Premiere In Spring 2019

The highly praised volleyball manga Haikyuu!! by Furudate Haruicihi is back with another stage play adaptation titled Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!! ‘Tokyo no Jin’. The play will debut in Japan during Spring 2019 at Osaka, Miyagi and Tokyo.

‘Tokyo no Jin’ would have Nekoma High School as the leading school role, a definite change of pace from earlier stage plays as it was always Karasuno High School taking centre stage. The play will highlight the intense matches during the Spring High Preliminaries for Tokyo prefecture between Nekoma High, Fukuroudani Academy and Nohebi Academy.

Kinoshita Wally is returning once more as a director and screenwriter along with Wada Shunsuke as composer and HIDALI as choreographer. The Nekoma cast returns again reprising their previous roles with the exception of Fukunaga Shouhei’s actor which would be replaced by Ishigami Ryuuya.

The role of Fukuroudani main duo Bokuto and Akaashi has been switched to Sakuraba Haruto and Takasaki Shungo respectively. Daishou Suguru would be making his debut in the stage play as Fukuzawa Yuu along with his other Nohebi teammates.

Watch the Stage Play trailer here:

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