Marvel’s Spider-Man Releases 2nd DLC, “The City That Never Sleeps: The Turf Wars”

Disclaimer: This article may contain spoilers of not only Turf Wars’ storyline but also parts of The Heist storyline as well.

“The City That Never Sleeps”, a title that most of us took as a joke until the 2nd DLC of Marvel’s Spider-Man’s DLC pack came out on November 20th EST (1:00 p.m. 21st of November in Malaysia). After the inevitable breakup with Felicia Hardy a.k.a. the Black Cat (a.k.a. the sexiest female character to have existed in any Marvel game) in the first episode of the DLC storyline titled, “The Heist”, my heart was aching for extra pepperoni pizza and a break to heal.

Unfortunately, Insomniac Games had other plans. Enough with the unnecessary foreshadowing and the bad memories, LET’S JUST JUMP INTO IT GUYS! This article will be broken down into different parts that actually vary from the main storyline and the previous DLC.


The events of Turf Wars take place straight after Black Cat’s presumed death by a trap setup by Hammerhead when she decided to betray him and steal all of the Maggia’s hard-drives and use them to gain privilege, from there, wealth. Having lost the hard-drives, Hammerhead turned to guerrilla tactics and started attacking the Maggia families out in the open.

Now Hammerhead, armed with Sable International’s weaponry is on the mission to get back the “good old days” where the Maggia were respected and feared equally by cops and citizens. The only thing Spidey had to ask after hearing about this plan was whether his head was just as ugly in the good old days or was that a recent thing. Safe to say that that didn’t sit well with anyone on the scene – which was something that Yuri Watanabe and Hammerhead finally agreed on.

The story will go deeper into the history and personality of Yuri and the breaking point and hardships that the police force has to deal with throughout their lives. Unfortunately, our all-time favorite cop failed to make an appearance this time around, yes, we both know that I’m talking about SPIDER-COP! The story is very good regardless and delves into different topics such as responsibilities (duh!), accountability, the fragility of the human heart and fear (surprisingly, not many hammer jokes were used in the game nor this article).

Source: PlayStation Store


Unfortunately, this part of the DLC is lackluster in terms of new content. In The Heist, we were introduced to the brutes with the mini-guns which, despite lacking in originality, worked very well in making every single fight a nightmare. Despite a number of people saying that they were unfair as it was very hard to disable them and almost impossible to dodge them without the need of a wall, I actually preferred that experience over a brute with a hammerhead mask which would definitely be a funnier experience.

In the Turf Wars, we are introduced to thugs with sable flying technology and what seem to be laser shields, these guys can block all your web attacks from the front and they attack by dashing towards you with the shield and leaving behind a trail of the red substance from Saber International that paralyzes you. Thankfully, they can still be taken down like the regular shield mobs by dodging and hitting them from the back. They can also be chain electrified, and only 1 focus bar is used to finish them off with the finisher.  

Source: Fortress of Solitude

For the side missions, you have Hammerhead Fronts (Demon Hideouts revamped) and a new type of mission where you protect police cars escorting witnesses willing to testify against Hammerhead from the different types of traps he lays ahead. The traps range from ambushes on street, to snipers and more.

Despite there being no higher difficulty released this time around, the fights will drag on for much longer, the enemies will swarm at you relentlessly and with them using sable equipment, every mistake could lead to you getting paralyzed and turning into a punching bag to thugs who can’t even see their friends being webbed to poles right in front of them (THIS IS SO HUMILIATING).

The brawls not only last longer, they often will turn into a fiesta as both the Maggia and Hammerhead’s henchmen would rather kill one spider guy in a costume than fight for their livelihood. This makes it an almost impossible mission for you as the Spidey-sense and tapping O will never be enough to keep your 3 chest hairs intact.

Source: Fortress of Solitude


JJJ Podcast

  • The JJJ podcast is updated and he now of course, admires Hammerhead and his ambition, and hates you.
  • JJJ says that kids should stop floss dancing and get jobs like he had to when he was only 8! (I choked on my own spit laughing at this)

Miles’ Phone Calls

  • Miles and Peter make contact about their “Spider-Man training”.
  • Miles jumps off a bridge and gets hospitalized despite him telling Peter that he’s okay.



3 new suits were added as per the previous DLC:

Source: PlayStation.Blog
  • The Spider Armor MKII

Source: PlayStation
  • Spider Clan (The best suit by far)

Source: PlayStation
  • Iron Spider Armor

Source:  PlayStation



This DLC took a completely unexpected turn from start to finish, where it followed up from the cliffhanger of The Heist and started with shocking events (these events are not related to Shocker of course) and proceeded to show us more of the Peter Parker that we know from the comics whose life always sucks and never has a chance to catch his breath between him trying to maintain a social life, criminals trying to kill him and his landlord wanting to kill him for very different reasons and yet continues to try and do the right thing and use his powers to help others. The ending was just as electrifying as you’d expect from a Spider-Man game. This concludes the 2nd episode of the DLC, “The City That Never Sleeps: The Turf Wars”. 

Are you liking how “The City That Never Sleeps” storyline is coming together so far? Or are you also waiting for “Silver Lining” to come out to make a decision? Let us know what your inner cop is telling you!

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