Finally, You Can Watch YouTube On The Nintendo Switch

The best innovation in technology since the Nintendo Switch itself, users will now be able to download the app and watch YouTube on their Nintendo Switch for FREE. Absolutely revolutionary!

Of course, this isn’t the first streaming application to arrive on the Switch; Hulu was available to download since last November. However, it is the first free-to-watch streaming platform on the device, allowing Switch users to access YouTube’s infinite library of video content. This also means that there’s another option for watching YouTube on your TV now.

Unfortunately, the app still has some user experience issues to work out. One major issue is the lack of touchscreen support within the app. It is currently limited to tapping on videos to watch them. Users are also unable to swipe up and down to navigate the app further.

YouTube has already announced that they’ll be looking further into improving their app based on the Switch’s hardware. Until then, we only have one question: When’s Netflix going to come to the Switch?

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