Every New Battle Pass & Event Skin From Overwatch 2 Season 9

Overwatch 2 Season 9 is one of the game’s biggest updates to date, from massive changes to Competitive Mode, to major health and damage adjustments for every single hero in the game. To read the full breakdown of major gameplay reworks, read our article here.

This new season also comes with an Eldritch Horror themed Battle Pass, featuring an out-of-this-world Ancient Caller Mythic Moira skin. There will also be Valentine’s Day themed skins and more Eldritch themed skins available in the Shop at later date.

Before you decide to take out your wallet, here’s every single skin in Overwatch 2 Season 9 — sorted from free to paid!

Free Battle Pass Skins

Shadowchild Illari (Epic)

Endless Sight Widowmaker (Epic)

Premium Battle Pass Skins (USD9.99)

Survivor: 76 (Legendary)

Rikimaru Ramen Bastion (Legendary)

Tentacle Horror Torbjorn (Legendary)

Cursed Seer Mei (Epic)

Horror Hog Roadhog (Legendary)

Ringmaster Winston (Legendary)

Ancient Caller Moira (Mythic)

Ultimate Battle Pass Skins (USD39.99)

Beholder Sigma (Legendary)

Harbinger Lifeweaver (Legendary)

Valentine’s Day Skins

Heartbreaker Reaper (Legendary)

Cupid Hanzo (Legendary)

Overwatch League Skins

Fuel Biker: 76 (Legendary)

Mayhem Biker: 76 (Legendary)

Coming Soon

Valentine’s Day Skins for Kiriko & Reinhardt

Kiriko and Reinhardt are both sporting pink and white in the Season 9 trailer, but their skins are not available on the Shop yet. It’s possible Overwatch 2 is waiting to drop them on February 14th — or they may pull another Zombie Doctor Mercy and release it way after the holiday is over.

Eldritch Horror Skins for Genji, D.Va & Lucio

More Eldritch Horror themed skins will arrive as shop-exclusives later in the season. These won’t be completely new skins, but instead colour remixes of skins from previous seasons. If you missed out on these skins the first time around, this may be the perfect time to get it.

Overwatch 2 x Cowboy Bebop Collaboration

After their last anime collaboration with One Punch Man, it was anyone’s guess what Blizzard was going to pull out of their playbook next. Turns out it’s Cowboy Bebop! Although no further details have been announced following the initial teaser, a Spike Spiegel themed skin for Cassidy is pretty much guaranteed.

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