What You Missed At Nowadays Anime Festival 2018

Source: Nowadays Anime Festival Official Facebook Event Page

Need an event that isn’t too packed and is more easy-going? Need an event where the stage is always engaging? Nowadays Anime Festival have got you covered! With their location that is accessible via public transport and a variety of food choices to choose from within the event mall, NAF did not disappoint! Missed the event? Read on to know what interesting things you might have missed!

Kouhaku ACG Idol Competition

Stage performances would be as rocking as other ACG events would usually be, but NAF had something special in mind. They have a lot of groups performing songs from idol anime ranging from Aikatsu!, AKB0048, Love Live both μ’s and Aqours, Tsukiuta’s Six Gravity and Procellarum and even Vocaloid! It was truly paradise for fans of idol animes. All the performers rocked both their costumes and their dance performance, but here’s the difference…

Only found in Nowadays Anime Festival for the first time in Malaysia, performers were grouped into two teams labelled ‘Red’ and ‘White’ and were set to compete against each other team on both their singing and dancing skills, and their fates depended on the viewers through votes. What a way to get the crowd and stage to interact better!

Source: Nowadays Official Facebook Page
Source: Nowadays Official Facebook Page

Lenneth’s live panel

Every cosplayer has a story to be told and Lenneth’s story is truly intriguing and inspiring to be shared. Her progress on her Nier Automata 2B’s costume wow-ed the audience. The way she explained her challenges and progress really expressed the love, passion and struggles she had to go through to get her costume ready within a tight deadline. Her story of travelling back to Singapore for the NieR Cosplay Competition in Game Start Asia 2017 was a story filled with twists and turns that the audience could feel her joy too. Not only that, she interacted with the audience in such a friendly manner, she even personally came down the stage to show a fellow cosplayer tips on sewing a costume!

Source: The Magic Rain
Source: The Magic Rain

Aki and Olivie’s performance

Having overseas guests for an event is an honour, and having them perform on stage for us is a privilege! Both Aki and Olivie took the stage with their performances from Love Live in Day 1, and Vocaloid and Tsukiuta’s Six Gravity in Day 2. Their portrayal of the characters and the dances were well-received by the audience and made the crowd cheer and even sing along!


Game area

This was truly one of the main highlights as not only event attendees crowded the area, but even normal mall customers waited in line to test the game out!  There were a total of 3 PS4s to be played with games like FIFA 18 being the most popular one, as well as Beat Saber for the crowd to test out.

Source: The Magic Rain
Source: The Magic Rain


In a nutshell, Nowadays Anime Festival is a rising ACG event that has a lot of potential to grow if given the chance. The idea of the Kouhaku ACG Idol Competition is definitely one thing I would look forward once again in their following event! It gives the audience a reason to sit through the whole stage event to support, critic and enjoy the performances by guests performers local and overseas. On a side note, I would like to congratulate the white team for being Nowadays Anime Festival’s Kouhaku ACG Idol Competition winner!!!

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