Manga Highlight: The Promised Neverland

What would happen if there were twice as many double crossing “players” in Death Note and it involves human eating demons? What you will get is The Promised Neverland.

Plot twists everywhere, plot twists everywhere

The Promised Neverland tells the tale about 3 orphans in an orphanage – or at least that is what it seems like, when in reality the orphanage is a farm for human meat and whenever an orphan is “adopted”, they are in fact being sold off to become a demon’s next meal.

The best part about the manga is following the characters figuring out this big conspiracy about their orphanage and how they plot their escape. This section of the manga is the best as we see them build up countless plots to escape only to be foiled in the last moments by an outside force repeatedly.

It’s super gripping whenever you follow them as they plan, and it makes you think to yourself “Their plan HAS to be perfect this time around right???!??!” But their plan would always be foiled somehow and you would join in the frustration of the characters as they figure out how to dig themselves out of the trouble they got into.

Conspiracy or truth?

Besides all the plot twists and crazy plans to outsmart each other, the other awesome part about this manga is the conspiracy. As the main characters live their whole lives in the orphanage, they were fed lies on how the real world operates. As we follow on their journey, we start to learn more about how the world actually works and we will always be just as surprised as the characters whenever they find new clues.

Great pacing

The art and flow of the manga is very smooth. Throughout my reading experience, I have never felt like the pacing and art was confusing. In fact, I was surprised that the mangaka managed to transition from dialogue heavy scenes to action oriented scenes easily without dropping a beat.

So far, the story of The Promised Neverland has yet to conclude but the manga is still going strong and continues to deliver every chapter. The current arc right now is possibly one of the most action packed arcs throughout the story. While I prefer their more narrative-heavy arcs, the current arc is a nice change of pace and still proves to be quite interesting.

On another note, this manga will soon be adapted into an anime, so if you prefer to watch anime instead of reading manga, and the premise of The Promised Neverland has successfully intrigued you, you could wait for the anime adaptation to be released early 2019 and follow that instead.

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