Cosplay Commuter Returns to the Station!

It’s about that time of year! That’s right, Cosplay Commuter will be returning once more! Happening on the 31st of April 2018, our star event will be happening this time at Mount Kinabalu! We found that since we at The MAGIC RAIN like to aim high, having the venue literally located somewhere high would be the most apt choice.

But that’s not all! Seeing as we would like to cater to a younger audience this time so we can introduce them to the wonders of cosplay, we’re making special adjustments to our train cars to better suit everyone’s needs! We even have a working prototype that we tried out just the other day to the delight of our patrons!

This time we’ve got lots more in store in terms of activities as well! Since we’re situated on a mountain this time we thought we’d try things that took advantage of that fact. Some station activities will see our patrons abseiling down Mount Kinabalu, licking Rafflesia, hide-n-seek with the locals and even snowboarding on the peak! Again, all these activities will be for our patrons of all ages so feel free the join in on the excitement!

Fun times are sure to be had so do keep an eye out for more news in the coming weeks regarding Cosplay Commuter 2018!

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