League of Legends: Kai’ Sa Build Orders

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“Life and death are separated by the smallest stumble.”

Kai’Sa is now available in Garena League of Legends and ADC’s around the SEA region rejoice as we finally get to try out this much awaited champion release. I have not been this hyped about a champion release since Zoe! Kai’Sa is a very versatile champion, meaning she can be played as ADC, JG and MID! I’m sure people are going to play her in Top and SP as well, but please don’t. The meta isn’t ready. Now before you try her out in Normals, here is a quick starter guide on how many people are playing her.


The Basics

First off, the basics. Max out your Q first then E and W last. Use Fleet Footwork as your runes. Got it? Good.

Skill Order: Q > E > W

Source: http://na.op.gg/champion/kaisa/statistics/adc

Runes: Fleet Footwork

Source: http://na.op.gg/champion/kaisa/statistics/adc


Kai’ Sa Builds

Now on to the juicy bits, there are 3 builds being used the most right now: BORK into Crit, Rage Blade and Full Crit builds. All three are viable and it depends on how you would like to play Kai’Sa.

1. BORK Attack Speed

This is the standard recommended build for her as it synergizes well with both Q and E. The late game Crit helps as well.

Start off with BORK and go into Shiv as your first two core items. This synergizes very well with your passive skill, and with the two attack speed items and the berserker greaves boots, you will get your upgraded E fairly early into the game. Your auto attack will do a significant amount of damage and your E invincibility uptime will be high as each auto will reduce the cool-down of your E.

Complete your IE next, and the upgraded Q will come. This increases a lot of your burst and crits. Round out your build with rapid fire and a defensive item. This build has high scaling into the late game but many games end earlier so many pros have moved on to the next build.


2. Rage Blade Hurricane

Rage Blade is an item that makes a lot of sense with Kai’Sa. It has AD, AP and AS which synergizes with her ENTIRE kit. This is a niche item that is used with champions like Varus and Kog’Maw, but now you can add Kai’Sa to the list.

You will be very strong with Rage Blade since the on-hit passive triggers twice once you get it going. Next, add in Hurricane and upgrade your E after your boosts. More attack speed, more E and more passive equals tons of damage. At this point, you can go two ways, either more Crit or more on-hit damage.

More Crit path with IE and Shiv gives u an upgraded Q and high burst. More on-hit with BORK and Wits End gives you a lot of on hit damage like a Kog’Maw, but unfortunately your upgrades stop at E. Or you can be funky and go Gunblade after IE. This gives you all upgrades and so many mix damage that the tanks would not know what to do with you. Finish with Bork for even more confusion.


3. Essence Reaver

This is a build similar to Xayah. Lots of burst from Q, 30% cd and 100% Crit. What’s not to love? 

Start off with your trusty Essence Reaver and Rapid Fire. You now have damage, 30% CD and this goes well your Q which you will upgrade with just another pick axe. This build is different from the others as you rely mainly on your Q as it comes up in just a mere 4 seconds! Upgraded Q, every 4 seconds? Yes, please!

Continue to round out your build with Shiv and IE. Since we started with Reaver first, your upgraded E will come later than the other two. Your Upgraded E should come in the middle of building your shiv.

So here are some basic builds for your nose dive with Kai’Sa. I’m sure we will see more AP builds and Jungle builds in the future. Till then, stay well.

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