Yūri Katsuki the Official Ambassador of Karatsu!

Karatsu’s mayor with the tourists at the birthday celebration

The main character of popular figure skating anime Yuri!!! On Ice, Yūri Katsuki, celebrated his birthday on the 29th of November. Yūri’s hometown in the anime, Hasetsu, is based on the city of Karatsu from the Saga Prefecture. Karatsu has embraced the fandom with multiple tourism campaigns ever since the anime was aired. The mayor of Karatsu attended a scheduled pilgrimage tour to not only celebrate the character’s birthday, but also to the over 40,000 overseas tourists the tours have brought to the city so far, notably thanks to the popularity of the anime.

During the tour, the mayor of Karatsu made a special announcement that Yūri Katsuki is now an official ambassador of the city.

In addition to well-wishes from fans across all social media platforms with messages and fan art, Yūri’s other well-wishers include the anime’s official Twitter account, series co-creator and original character designer Mitsurou Kubo, Yūri Katsuki’s voice actor Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Victor Nikiforov voice actor Junichi Suwabe, Sara Crispino’s voice actress Marika Minase, figure production company MegaHouse, and Good Smile Company’s Kaho-tan.


Yūri Katsuki’s voice actor Toshiyuki Toyonaga wishing the character a happy birthday


Congratulatory message by series co-creator and original character designer Mitsurou Kubo

Source: Anime News Network, Nijimen, Twitter

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