Cosers Confess: Are we even friends?!

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Dear The Magic Rain,

Have you ever have “friends” you hardly ever talk to? Those who suddenly appear to PM (personal message) you for help only when they join some kind of cosplay competition? Well, I know I have. No offense to those who do this, but it really disgusts me whenever I encounter other cosplayers like this on Facebook. Typical conversations normally go like this, “Hello *insert name* can you press this link and vote for me?”

HA! How bout a no??? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to oblige only if they are polite, and most importantly, only if they’re an actual friend when I meet them in person. Why should I vote for someone who doesn’t or rarely even speaks to me when I’m breathing right in front of them? Also, Facebook competitions that appoint winners based on their number of likes/shares is nonsense. Relying on popularity and such to be an indicator of one’s success rather than one’s talent is stupid. What has the world come to?



Dear Annoyed,

Yes, I have encountered friends like that. It can be annoying sometimes… and what I’d normally do is ignore the message if I’m not close to that particular person. There’s no point in getting angry and upset over minor things like these. It’s simply a waste of time and energy. However, I do acknowledge some of the messages that I receive which show the extra effort made by the individual trying to contact me. For example, when the person mentions my name and tries to actually engage in a conversation before asking for a favour. Moreover, if they’re actually nice and not forceful about it.

I get how you feel when people like this contacts you for support. It’s natural for someone to get annoyed because most of them are just contacting only when they need you. But hey, that’s life. Those are just hi bye friends and the cosplay community is filled with them. Just stay away from them and you’ll be fine. Surround yourself with positive people because what goes around comes back around.

I also agree with what you mentioned about those Facebook competitions that judge contestants based on likes. It doesn’t really measure people’s skills. It’s really unfair.

Ms. Scrumptious

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