[LIVE] AniManGaki 2017: Day 1

Come one, come all, to the magical kingdom of AniManGaki! As the village’s resident town crier, we’ll be bringing you the latest updates throughout the weekend, fresh from the palace itself. All you have to do is check back on this space as the day progresses, or follow The Magic Rain on Facebook or Instagram for LIVE news updates. Leave us a comment if there’s anything special you’d like to see!


The floodgates are open, the crowd has entered… AniManGaki Day 1 has begun! The day is kicking off to a great start with performances from Crestfall Band and Delta Rhythm. Wait, is that Giri Giri Ai I’m hearing?!


As AniManGaki Idol goes on in the background, we’re enjoying the music while strolling along the lanes of doujin booths. This year’s selection for both are great; the idol contestants are pleasing to the ear, and the doujin booths are as filled with talent as always! If I do say so myself, The Magic Rain booth isn’t doing too bad either – come give us a visit!


The afternoon was marked by soothing tunes, featuring the two belles of the stage, violinist extraordinaire Luna Lorraine and special guest Joelle! For a moment, it felt like we were being transported to a mystical wonderland…

The crowd is still going strong at this hour, no signs of stopping soon!


With three performances in a row, the afternoon is as lively as ever! The string of lives started with a strong opening by The MASH, followed by an idol performance by PORJECT EG@O and singing performance by AGI-16. The AMG Idol finalists were also announced. We can’t wait to see them perform tomorrow!

Finally had the time to check out the 2nd floor too, where all the figurine displays are laid out! We’ll probably find ourselves up here again tomorrow. There’s so much to look at!


The event is nearing its end, marked by Nandemo Ii’s rocking final performance! Soon, this crowd will be asked to leave the hall for the Mini Concert by Joelle. We can’t wait!


Joelle’s end of the day concert was as spectacular as we expected it to be! The concert opened up with our very own Harmonia ACG who performed a short series of crowd favourites before Joelle herself took to the stage. Her singing was both bone-chilling and heavenly; everyone in the crowd was completely enraptured by her voice, and for good reason!

After the concert ended, the crowd started to file out of the area, leaving the hall as empty as it once was. Tomorrow we’ll be back for Round 2 of AniManGaki – we hope to see you there!

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