Conquer AniManGaki 2017 with This Survival Guide!

The dawn of a new adventure is upon us. Ready your wands and potions as the gates to the magical kingdom of AniManGaki opens its doors to us this weekend! In order to conquer it all, however, you mustn’t go unprepared. Good thing we’ve got just to thing to help you get ready – read on!


Step One: Take stock of your inventory!

Cosplay props (check!)
Camera lenses (check!)
Sufficient money to spend (check!)
Entry ticket to AniManGaki 2017 (…???)

If you haven’t bought your entry tickets to the magical kingdom, don’t panic! They are still available for pre-purchase at any of AMG’s online ticketing agents at RM40 for both days, a deal that is open to both local and international magicians!

If buying online is not your style, you can always buy them on the day itself. They will be available at the ticketing counter at RM25 for one day and RM40 for two days. The counters will be open from 9:30AM onward on both days!

For more information, visit:

We have to say, this year’s ticket designs are especially enchanting.

Step Two: Secure your transportation!

If you plan to travel to AniManGaki by horse and carriage… we have to let you know that’s (unfortunately) against the law. However! There are plenty of other options open to travelers, including:

(A) Take the Kelana Jaya LRT line to USJ 7 station, where you can switch to the BRT line which goes directly to Sunway Pyramid

(B) If you want to save a buck, take advantage of Sunway’s convenient and FREE shuttle bus service (note: only operational in the Sunway area)

(C) Call for a taxi or driver to drop you off at Sunway Pyramid, or drive there yourself! Just make sure to arrive earlier before all the good parking spots are taken up.


Step Three: Map out your route!

What do you want to visit? Who do you want to see? The kingdom of AniManGaki has something for everybody, regardless of whether you’re a video game aficionado or cosplay connoisseur! Plan out your route well, so you don’t miss a single highlight!

Check out the full list of Special Guests HERE

Stock up on food and games at AniManGaki’s first affiliated maid cafe, Elemental Bytes HERE,

And find the full list of highlights HERE

瑩 Ying, D.WATT, and Joelle are only some of the highlights the weekend has to offer!

Step Four: Beware of petty thieves and villains!

The lionhearted knights of AniManGaki will be doing their best to ensure your absolute safety throughout the weekend, and here is how you can help them! First, take care of your own belongings and safety. Second, report any suspicious behaviour to the knights in-charge. In two steps, you can help make this magical kingdom a safer place for everybody!


Step Five: Be friendly to others and have fun!

It states, in Page 11A of the Magician’s Handbook™, that good magicians are friends to all, regardless of what shape, size or form they come in. Respect your fellow magicians and treat others the way you would want to be treated. And most importantly? Don’t forget to have fun!

We hope to see you at AniManGaki 2017 this weekend!


For more information about the event, visit

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