Cosers Confess: A Message To All The Backstabbers

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Dear The Magic Rain team,

I hate people who are always talking behind people’s backs instead of confronting and fixing the problem by talking like adults. We want to make this a happy and healthy community. Instead, we have toxic people in the scene… and that includes the senpais…


Dear Upset,

Backstabbing happens very often in ACG in the form of gossip and online posting (and it’s annoying as hell). If you’ve encountered friends who backstab you frequently, you might want to question if that person is really your friend. If you do consider them someone of great importance to you, then what you should do is confront them on the things you’ve heard or seen. Let them know that you’re just asking them this because you care about them, and if it really is an issue between the both of you, then you should tell them that you’d want to hear it first hand from them (the root of the gossip) to make sure it’s true.

Once again, there are good and bad senpais and even kohais, and there are also people who aren’t really your friends. If they’ve no guts to address the issue with you and continue to backstab you, you can take the initiative to ask them instead. Once you’ve done your part, whatever happens… happens for a reason (e.g. if it’s proven and said so by themselves that they have backstabbed you and will continue doing so, then stay away from them – simple.) The more you give in to their attempts of trying to agitate you, the more they’ll feed off from this energy and continue. However, if you ignore them and make new friends, they’ll eventually move away from you (because it’s just not entertaining anymore). So, good luck. Make the right decision!

Also, here’s a message to all the backstabbers out there. Grow a spine. If you have problems with someone, face the music and talk to them. Don’t rant on Facebook. Doing so will not only make you look like a coward, but will also make you entertainment for someone else. Reality check: even though your friends may comment under your rants, the truth is, they’re simply there for the popcorn. Don’t like someone? Then don’t mix with them and stop backstabbing them. Even though you may feel better talking shit about people, it won’t make you a better person.

Ms. Scrumptious.

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